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123Listening - by MES English

Listening Link

Simple, but advanced structures - with worksheets


Categories: adjectives / animals / body parts / classroom / clothing / daily routines / feelings and emotions / food / people / occupations / prepositions of place / verbs / weather


5 senses

Song Link

Simple song to introduce sense - lame


So-so...Does not enlarge to full screen.....


5 monkeys jumping on the bed

Song Link

Subtitles – simple fun


Kids love it! Jump around! (v060)


10 days in Manchester - Advanced / Business

Listening Link

Situations role play- on a business trip - lots of useful language.



Choose a good day or a bad day and interact with the videos! Lots of resources / worksheets for each situation.


365 Short Stories - daily life - mixed level

Listening Link

With scripts - no worksheets



ABC Alphabet

Resource Link

Flash animation keyboard – choose a letter



Good pictures and sound. 2 examples for each letter.


ABC Alphabet Funky

Song Link

Very funky tune – visuals okay




ABC Alphabet Song

Song Link

Sweet fairy style visuals – nice tune



ABC Alphabet Song

Song Link

Jumping hamster visuals – nice tune





ABC Alphabet Song

Song Link

Chick in eggs visuals – nice tune


With some sentences.(v002)


ABC Alphabet Song

Song Link

Subtitles – guy doing hand signals



Good speed and extra words..


abc Alphabet Song – phonics

Song Link

Not ABC but - abc



Genki English (v001)


abc Alphabet + words – phonics

Song Link

Not ABC but - abc




Barbara Milne (v065)


ABC Alphabet Song – Adults

Song Link

ABC + sentences + funny animation


Scroll down to bottom left corner – Alphabet song - START


ABC Alphabet Countdown Game

Self Study Link

Find the letters and click in correct order – in 30secs!


Scroll down to bottom right corner – Countdown game - START


ABC – writing a decorative banner


Use the practice the phonics alphabet



Airplane on one page and alphabet is split over 2 pages.


About.com - education database


lots of resources



Try searching :)


AC Nancy- huge resource


medium quality materials



Good for extras- search in categories



Accents – listening - local radio stations

Self Study Link

From many English speaking countries





Accents - Australian, English (U.K.), American

Listening Link

Highlight different accents and intonation





1) Use as an example in class to show different intonation.


2) Home page of site (has other listening material)



Accents - American, Australian, U.K, New Zealand

Listening Link

With scripts and worksheets



The files are 'hidden'! Choose a topic, then read the paragraph under the picture and you will see a link 'here' in blue. Click on this and a new page will open with the link to an MP3 and pdf file :) Took me a while to find it!!



Action picture book - $21.00

Resource Link

Sequence pictures for many activities



Excellent resource. Picture sequences have no words and book contains lesson plans and verb lists for each picture sequence. 66 picture sequences.


Action verbs - listening - choose correct picture

Listening Link

Sit down, stand up etc




Easy to search. But some of the titles are a bit abstract?


Activities- long list

Resource Link

Mixture of ideas – some new some old J





Address – do you know?

Song Link

Number of house / name of street?

Lost the link

Simple tune and words. Cartoon .(v016)



Game Link

Matching Pairs (speaking)





6 pairs. Listening only. Match the words. strong / weak, tall / short, fat / thin, fast / slow, big / small, heavy / light, Scroll a third down the page for game.


Adjectives add ons


Make sentences more descriptive


Write a sentence on the board and ask students to add adjectives to the sentence to make it more interesting.

For example:

The dog and the man went to the park.

Could end up being....

The small, cute, friendly, hungry, black and white dog and the big, tall, happy, old, man went to the gigantic, beautiful, colourful park. 


Add-on - In pairs give a worksheet with 5/ 7 sentences for students to expand with adjectives and then the students read them out loud to the class.


Add-on - Make it a listening exercise. Say the sentences and the students have to listen and then add the adjectives. This can be done with the teacher or in a chain around the classroom with each pair adding another adjective to the sentence each time (and remembering all the previous adjectives!)



Adjectives – descriptive and order


Lists of adjectives




113ad- Appearance, personality, feelings

114ad- Shape, size, time, quantity, sound, taste, touch, colour


Adjectives - advanced

Song Link

Catchy tune – fun cartoon visuals




Got home from camp and unpacked adjectives. Story format with a lot of words. Advanced adjectives – frustrated, soggy, etc.


Adjectives – flashcards


From have fun teaching



001 - 20 pages. 3 per page. Big selection. Fun images with words.

002 – 8 pages. 4 images per page. No words.

Same images as 001.


Adjectives – flashcards


Text only – small cards


Intermediate- common adjectives.


Adjectives – word search


Intermediate – 28 words


Some to so common adjectives to expand vocabulary.


Adjectives - my neighbours dog


Chain story using a new adjective every time



088ad.pdf – alphabetical list of common adjectives

Each student needs to change the adjective. For example:

My neighbours cat is a grey dog.

My neighbours cat is a beautiful dog.

My neighbours cat is a noisy dog.

Add-on : the students need to repeat ALL of the previous adjectives until one student can't remember them all or gets one wrong. Then start again. For example:

My neighbours cat is a grey, beautiful, noisy dog.

My neighbours cat is a grey, beautiful, noisy, happy dog.

Add-on : The students need to say an adjective that uses the next letter of the alphabet. (a, b, c, d …....)


Adjectives – personal ads

Game Link

Visuals simple ok - make personal adds for the characters





Can be used as an intro and then students make their own personal ads. Ads can all be collected and see if anyone is a good match!!


Adverbs of frequency


Game board - intermediate / adv.




064ad.pdf – make a sentence using the adverb: always, usually, rarely, often ..etc..

020ad.pdf - Answer the questions. Make full sentences- do, get up, drive, wash, wear, go, come, study, play, drink, read, eat

065ad.pdf - Answer the questions. Make full sentences- sleep in front of TV, eat lunch, do exercises, go shopping, rob a bank, brush my teeth, go swimming, travel by air, drink coffee, go back to my hometown, catch a cold


Aeroplane project - logos


Make 'cool' paper aeroplanes







006pp.ppt - Slide show quiz- which airline uses this logo? Countries / colours / designs etc...

035ad.pdf – easy

036ad.pdf - intermediate

034ad.pdf – advanced

Directions- Worksheets in 3 levels. Written instructions, template to make plane and answer sheet with pictures! Then have a competition – comparatives / superlatives .. fastest, quicker, higher, ..etc..

019wrd.doc – answers to homework pdf's above.



Alien Aeon - English gaming community 

Online game / self study

intermediate / advanced – for serious gamers ! J



Alter Aeon is a free online text game, played by people from all over the world. The primary language is English.

There are over two hundred unique areas to explore, created by many different builders at varying writing skill levels. Players will be exposed to varying grammar and writing styles as well as different vocabulary sets as they advance.

This is a multiplayer game, and there are extensive chat and posting features. There are always other players on-line, whether for help, competition, or just to talk with.

Alter Aeon is based on a MUD game server. MUDs have been in development for over twenty years, for educational, research, social, and simple entertainment purposes; Alter Aeon has been on-line and open since 1995, and caters to a large audience of foreign players.

Note - Alter Aeon may not be suitable for younger players. It is an RPG (Role Playing Game), and one of the primary ways to advance your character is via attacking monsters or other creatures. Additionally, many of the user channels are player-owned and unmoderated.


Animals (Domestic and Wild) / Insects

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)







12 pairs. Clear speaking. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match. Animals: goat, cat, turtle, horse, rabbit, deer, pig, dog, hamster, mouse, sheep, cow.

Animals: panda, elephant, fox, gorilla, kangaroo, tiger, giraffe, wolf, zebra, monkey, lion, bear.

Insects: goldfish, butterfly, dragonfly, beetle, stag beetle, ladybug, bee, grasshopper, ant, mantis, cicada. Random: bird??


Animals - numbers


Impress  reveal- guess how many?




Animals – numbered 1-12


Mixed animals


Can print and use as a quiz or resource. Animals, colours, numbers etc.


Animations – excellent quality – vast selection

Video Link

Mixed subjects – use as ‘talking’ subject




Search this site for an animation that can be used to reinforce your language point etc. Or use it to start a conversation, discussion. Or use it as a writing exercise- watch- then write what you saw. Or dictation – make a worksheet with gaps- students watch and listen and write the missing words… etc etc… J



Amelia the pigeon – NASA


good animation interesting story



DOWNLOAD the files – don’t try to watch it online it will crash every time. Can be used in many different ways .

- has a teachers guide at the bottom right of the page.


Arcademics- language games


Good well constructed games - visuals are good



Look at the right hand column on this page it is language games (left column is math games). If you use any of these games please let me know if they are good :)


Articles – ‘THE’ + proper nouns


Explanation of when to use ‘the’



046wrd – for teacher notes


Art supplies – 12 on one page


No words - colour


Coloured paper, pencil, glue, tape, scissors, stapler, pencil sharpener, paint, marker, paintbrush, crayon, stamp.


Assessment rubric


For the '4 skills' - 5 levels



Same file in 2 different formats. My best try !!


Assessment worksheet


Speech assessment


Intermediate / advanced. Could easily be simplified for a lower level, just remove some criteria etc.


BBC Learning - home page


online learning and resources



Home page to lots of resources on bbc website



Bare Necessities – Jungle Book

Song Link

Subtitles – Disney Sing along



Only the start has subtitles. But that is enough the whole song is too long! (v039)


Battleships game – blank template

Activity Link

Copy and paste / or right click- save picture as ..





Behaviour-  classroom


Ideas to promote better behaviour







085ad.pdf / 086ad.pdf - posters to encourage better behaviour. (adapted from the posters on the website link below)

Link - excellent website. Discipline without stress, punishment or rewards !!! WOW !!

084ad.pdf - warning poster. 3 strikes your expelled ! (if you can expell students? Usually you only need to expell one then the rest will settle down.. :( This can also be used for group work, or for class time. 3 strikes and you sit at the front looking at the board... or something... harsh but can be effective to settle a very badly behaved class in the opening days.


Behaviour – good critter cards

Reward cards

Print these cards and give out during the term




Reward good behaviour instead of punishing bad behaviour. Students can collect the cards and a prize can be given for the most cards.


Behaviour – warning letter poster


Can be used as a visual in class



This may be useful to clarify the procedure for disruptive behaviour.


Behaviour – what makes a good teacher

Self study

Some key attributes that we all have of course J


-talk with children

-explain rules that apply

-tell what is expected of them and how they should behave


-do it together

-do it solo

-applaud/ cheer them




Behaviour - excellent ideas for teachers

Resource Link

Many practical ideas – with concise notes





behaviour home page

2 reward positive behaviour print out cards J


Behaviour - RaiseKidsRight

Resource Link

$20 to download the book- very insightful read




Written by a mother looking back and passing on her experience- useful experience J





Bible related discussion topics – moral dilemmas etc

Resource Link

Full lesson plans with suggested intro, middle and conclusion.





Bicycle for 10 – animals on bike

Song Link

Make up your own words



Very short. Can shout out the animal names or ask who is 3rd... who is 6th... etc.. (v004)


Bingo templates - Tools for Educators- MES English

Resource Link

Standard topics - create own bingo cards 3x3 or 4x4





Birthdays / months


Ordinal numbers – memory game


Write the 12 months on the board. Go around the class and ask each student their birthday. Write the ordinal numbers on the board beside each month for each student.

Then in pairs / groups ask the students. Whose birthday is on..... choose one of the dates on the board. If the students can say the name of the correct student then they get a point. That student can then say another date for the next team to answer.

Add-on - You can write a note of the dates and keep asking 'whose birthday is....?' at random at the beginning of every class, to constantly review ordinal numbers.


Blinky Bill – cartoon movie adventures

Listening Link

Aussie Koala has adventures with friends (Intermediate)



Lots of episodes on YouTube. Can be used as listening practice or as stimulation – make your own story (no sound) or just as a reward / break time filler from time to time.


Body language - adjectives


Express yourself using your body – warm up



Walk like you are:

exhausted. Very happy, carrying a heavy bag, cold, feeling important, a little kid, very old, very tall, sleepwalking, on ice, the queen / king, a thief, on a tightrope

Act like you are:

smiling to a fiend, nodding to a stranger, slapping someone on the shoulder, have not seen someone for a long time, offended by what someone said, do not really like someone, you are deaf, the other person has bad breath, the other person is dangerous, want to tell someone your amazing story, surprised to see someone, trying to hide from someone

Link- some facial expressions


Body language – lesson plan idea

Activity + Video

Try miming gestures





list of gestures

video of miming actions


Body parts

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)





12 pairs. Clear speaking. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match. Body: hand. Shoulder, arm, leg, head, elbow, hair. Also plurals for some of these..

Body: leg, toe, knee, head, arm, face, neck. Also plurals for some of these..


Body parts - flashcards


From have fun teaching


12 pages. 3 per page. Big selection. Fun images with words. (003ad)


Body parts – ladybug song

Song Link

Subtitles – Sing along




Landed on, crawled up my.... flew away (v005)


004ad.pdf - Print and cut out – use the bugs to 'land' on students


Body parts – head, shoulders....

Song Link

Subtitles – FUNNY sumo etc.




Fun video of real people with actions (v006)


Body parts – head, shoulders....

Song Link

Subtitles – Puppet man (can you.)





Simple cartoon visuals. Can you touch your …... with actions (v007)


Body parts – skeleton dance

Song Link

Subtitles – intermediate




Introduce bones, back, hip, etc. Simple visuals with actions.


Bonus game - for scoring a point

Game Link

Where's the Ball? game - choose from 3 cups..



Can be used as an advanced points system If the answer is correct the team get to guess where the ball is... Just to liven up a boring subject :) It as 3 levels: slow / medium / fast


Bonus game – for scoring a point

Game Link

“Go” (kinda advanced X and O)



Use this game to keep score – 2 teams can play. {Could also be used to give directions for advanced students.}


Books templates - accordion / pop up books

Resource Link

How to make the books



Download the powerpoint instruction files


Bookmarks – can be edited as gifts


Children’s Day bookmarks





Monster and bunny designs. (AI and PDF files)

092ad- bunny design

093ad- monster design

001illust- monster design to edit

002illust- bunny design to edit


Brainstorm a word - advanced


Write 5 sentences about...


In the center of a page the students write one word / number / key phrase / phrsal verb...etc Then they write 5 sentences about it.

For example:


When I was 5 years old I had a pet dog called Poopoo.

Dogs are very smelly.

My friend is scared of dogs.

There are many dogs in my neighbourhood.

Dogs are good company for old people.


British Council - huge huge site


can be very confusing because so many sections









Main page- Scroll down page and find the section options at the bottom of the page and left column.

Good - Teacher resources including BritLit for reading skills and lesson plan for some new ideas…

Good – kids section including games etc

Great – songs section. Songs can be fast but hey have fun animations and cool tunes.



BT Communication - many resources


videos and ideas










1) Focus on aspects of communication - intermediate to advanced





2) The free resources section - online games / videos / printable resources





Flashcards / worksheets / songs / games / ideas





Bullying – anti bullying to raise awareness

Video Link

Start discussion about this subject



To raise awareness about bullying – talk about consequences etc


Bus ride – role play


Flashcards for vocabulary


062ad.pdf – small flashcards. One page. 30 pictures with words.


Business English – BBC Learning

Listening Link

Listening, scripts, language points, exercise



Categories: telephone, meeting, presentation, negotiations



Business English - practical dialogues

Listening Link

Intermediate / Advanced - Listening and exercises





Business English videos - advanced


Different language points



Role play videos and then analysis


Business English - standard topics

Resource Link

Presentations, meetings, negotiations, money, letter writing



Good selection of examples and explanations



Bug's Life – bugs / places


Reveal game - so-so


Put it together quickly... so ok for a quick warm up game.


Card games -ok price- ships from U.K

Resource Link

Innovative ideas to stimulate conversation





Card games -resaonable price- only ship to US and Canada

Resource Link

Good ideas to stimulate conversation





Can I have .. ? Here you are.

Song Link

Subtitles- tune and graphics are so-so



Good to practice language point. (v041)


CBeebies – lots of links 

Resource Link

Fast flash animation / games / songs / etc



Huge site needs some research :)


Centipede review chant


Marching around the room or stand / sit at desk


Draw a centipede on the board the first time you do the activity. Ask

how many legs? And keep adding more and more legs.

Write the chant on the board:

One, two

go to school by …. (car)

One, two, three

go to school by.... (train)

One, two, three, four

go to school by..... (spaceship)

Each time one more number is added.

Instead of easy numbers it can be changed to review any numbers (100's, 1000's) - or the alphabet - or numbers / alphabet  backwards - or nouns - or verbs... or whatever... but the students need to add one more each time.

Then the say the key phrase. You can use flashcards to prompt the students which vocabulary or phrase you want them to use, or they can do it free style and try to remember it all by themselves.

Add-on – The students need to repeat all the previous lines of the chant every time. Starting with the new lines then chanting backwards to the beginning lines of the chant.....!!1




Good student and end of term


099ad- end of term (black and white- 2 per page)

100ad- good student boy (colour- 2 per page)

101ad- good student boy (colour- 2 per page)

102ad- good student girl (colour- 2 per page)

103ad- good student girl (colour- 2 per page)


Chain story .. how about?


When I was 10 years old …... In the house there is...



Make a sentence using a key word or a key structure. But make the sentence open so the keyword or key phrase can be exchanged for another keyword or phrase. The next student says ' why …...?' 'how about …......?' Every student has to use a new keyword or key phrase.

For example to review adjectives:

When I was 10 years old I was …...sad.

Why sad? How about …. tired?

Why tired? How about …... 

For example to review numbers:

When I was 10 years old I had …... 15 socks.

Why 15? How about …. 11?

Why 11? How about …... 

For example to review ordinal number:

When I was 10 years old I was placed …... 12th in a race.

Why 12th? How about …. 1st?

Why 1st? How about …... 

For example to review ordinal number:

When I was 10 years old I could …. ride a bike.

Why ride a bike? How about …. play soccer?

Why play soccer? How about …... 

For example to review classroom vocabulary

in the classroom there is a …. desk

Why a desk? How about a.... chair

For example to review kitchen vocabulary

in the kitchen there is a …. refrigerator

Why a refrigerator ? How about a.... cup

For example to review prepositions

in the house there is a …. ruler behind the refrigerator.

Why a ruler behind the refrigerator? How about a.... cup on top of the chair.


Chants (karaoke style) - download tunes

Song Link

Can use the tunes to make your own chants



Many chants listed with lyrics to print but no singing on the music files. Big selection of tunes to make your own chants J


Chants – standard topics – Oxford English

Song Link

Incredible English - lyrics and audio files









pdfs with lyrics for Level 1 and Level 2 chants

 Level 1 audio chant files

 Level 2 audio chant files

Level 1-6 home page


Chants – 15 .. many language points

Song Link

Beginner / intermediate with scripts



Choose one of the ‘jazz chants’ and an audio file will open. Scroll down the page and open the script file to match the audio.


Chants – DreamEnglish (part of MES English)

Song Link

Standard topics – with scripts



It’s a bit same same and boring tunes… but main standard vocabulary. Scroll down the page to find the script. Also flashcards for each chant are sometimes listed…


Chants – SuperSimple Songs (copy tunes)

Song Link

Start of the songs are free on website



Can buy CD’s for the full songs. But can usually get the idea of the song from the snippet on the website. Also useful fpr ideas for tunes to make your own chants..


Chat to a robot online !!

Game Link

For fun… but can also be used to practice J



Ask him for a date??? haha


Chores – Cinderelly

Song Link

Subtitles – cursive writing





Use the start only - make the fire, wash the dishes, fix the breakfast, do the mopping / sweeping / dusting, round in circles, keep her hopping, dizzy, holler, keep her busy (v061)


Christmas theme - online games / flashcards / worksheets etc

Resource Link

Have not explored it :)





Classroom instructions – advice how to

Resource Link

Giving clear instructions to students









Some useful advice….


Classroom instructions on worksheets

Resource Link

Giving clear instructions to students - advice



Some useful advice….


Classroom commands

Listening Link

Action verbs




044wrd - worksheet


Classroom commands


Most common used commands


Teach these commands at the start of term and it will make giving instructions for activities much easier. Teach an action for each command to make it easy to remember. The actions will be very useful for the teacher as it can used without speaking – while you are speaking to whole class. Giving the same command verbally like- sit down Tom ,sit down Tom, sit down Tom will have no real effect – but if the teacher looks at Tom and does the action but keeps teaching the class it can be much more effective as the student is getting the teacher attention- which is his goal – but the attention is given in a positive way rather than a verbal scold J if the student foes not respond to the action then the teacher can do the action in a more humourous way or keep doing it repeatedly very fast – this will engage the whole class and they will laugh and tell him to sit down… or the student will mimic the teacher so that the class will laugh- either way the student will eventually sit down without the need for confrontation.

Copy and paste and print


Come here


Go  there

Copy the example


Take the part of ….


Build the word

Wait  a moment




Give me

Turn the page

Tell me


Bring me

Speak clearly


Sit down 


Get up


Put up your hand 


Put down your hand

Look at the board



Look at me


Quiet as a mouse

Look at



Try again 


One more time ?


One at a time


All together say…

Speak  now

Everyone listen to..


Louder please


Quieter please



Classroom instruction- most common

Resource Link

List of common instructions to teach students



Teach a few instruction each week….



Classroom management - behaviour / organisation

Resource Link

Practical ideas to manage the classroom - files to download







Classroom vocabulary – 6 on one page


No words – big, small, red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, brown, white


Point to the correct one - pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, pen, chair, computer, book, desk, scissors, ruler.


Classroom vocabulary / Subjects / Expressions

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)






15 pairs. Clear speaking. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match. Nouns: crayon, chair, ruler, pencil, pen, eraser, desk, notebook, book, pencil case, ruler. Subjects: science, music, gym, art, math,

Nouns: clock, dust cloth, television, brush, broom, bucket, bag, telephone, dust pan, vacuum cleaner. Expressions :really, pardon, let me see, ah- huh, I don't know. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design.


Clean up song – to tidy up !!

Song Link

Subtitles – kids tidy classroom




Catchy kids will remember. Can use other classroom commands to make other songs with the same tune .. (v066)


Cliffard the big red dog- listen and see

Listening Link

Games and activities – many resources



Large site with many resources for reading games and language activities.


Clipart - categorised

Resource Link

No watermarks - different styles and quality


Categories: Anatomy / Animals / Animations-Animated Clipart / Architecture / Clipart / Color / Computers / Countries and Cities / Culture and Communities / Dinosaurs / Entertainment / Fonts / Foods / Geography / Habitats / Health Care and Medicine / History / Holidays / Household / Icons / Illustrations / Industry / Leisure and Recreation / Maps / Music / Nature and Environment / New / Objects / People / Plants / Recreation / Scenery / Science / Screensavers / Sounds / Space / Sports / Textures and Backgrounds / Things / Transportation / Travel / Video-Ipod Video / Videos / Wallpaper / Weather



Clipart - fantastic, coulourful, well animated cartoons

Resource Link

Many categories - no watermark



Can be used in many scenarios



Clipart - free to download

Resource Link

Standard topics





Clipart - pictures for flashcards

Resource Link

Very good- simple b / w line drawings
















food and drink

people and animals


body parts + medical


Go to top



Clipart for worksheets / flashcards etc

Resource Link

Divided into categories - simple pictures mixed quality




Categories are: Alphabet / American Sign Language / Animals / Arrows / Art and Artists / Awards / Banners / Barnyard Theme / Basic Words / Clothes  / Colors / Culture and Religion / Daily Activities and Life Skills /  Design Your Own School / Education / Emotions / Fables, Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes / Flags / Flowers, / Food / Fractions / Games /  Geography and World Attractions / Graphic Organizers / History / Holiday, Seasonal / Houses, Buildings and Structures Kids,People / / Maps / Math / Miscellaneous / Money / Music - British Notation / Nature and the Environment / Photo Clip Art / Reading / Science / Signs / Sports Trees and Plants / Stick Figures / Tools / Toys / Transportation / United States Theme 



Clipart – fun cartoons with light watermark

Resource Link

Large selection- good quality images





Clipart – stickman cartoons

Resource Link

Good resource for actions flashcards





pictures to copy

video of pictures to copy



Clothes + colours

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)




12 pairs. Funny scoring. Can be used for review as it has some extra vocabulary like: a pair of … etc. Scroll a third down the page for game. Need to use 'View'- 'Zoom' in Internet Explorer as pictures are a bit small.


Clothes – dress teddy!


A teddy bear and clothes


Print and cut out clothes then teddy can be dressed with different clothes.


Clothes – this is the way you wear..

Song Link

Subtitles – nice simple tune, animation




Can use to introduce chant. Then do with your own clothes.  (v009)


Clothes –people with actions

Song Link

Some subtitles – head, shoulders, tune





Can use to introduce chant. Then do with your own clothes.  (v010)

Go to top



Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)



6 pairs. Funny scoring. (pink, red, black, blue, yellow, purple) Scroll a third down the page for game. Need to use 'View'- 'Zoom' in Internet Explorer as pictures are a bit small.


Colours – fast fun exercise - not serious!!

Resource Link

Fast flash animation – choose a letter


Read the instructions carefully!!! .


Colouring pages - printable - standard topics

Resource Link

Visuals are mixed quality





Scroll down page and find the menu of topics on the right hand side of the page. 2 different websites same instructions :)

another site


Colours reveal – guess a colour


Random selection


Yellow, red, blue, white, black, green, brown


Colour.  What colour is it? It's …...

Song Link

Subtitles - Robot chant



Red, yellow, blue, green. Can use to introduce chant. Then do with your own colours. Listen and repeat. Gets faster! (v008)

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Colour.  What colour is the ..? It's ..

Song Link

Chant style- red, yellow, blue, green, sky, apple, grass, sun




Can use to introduce chant. Then do with your own colours.  Add more and more and try to remember order! (v011)

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Comic strip blank template pdfs – can print

Resource Link

Different layouts





Comic pictures blank template– can print

Resource Link

3 different stories – add your own text





Comic strip examples by kids – can print

Resource Link

Use a inspiration





Comic strip – make online – can print

Resource Link

Dvolver Movie Maker - make a short movie online



On sequence - chase, meet etc. - type any English. Cool characters, backgrounds, music etc.


Comic strip – make online – can print

Resource Link

Fuzzwich Movie Maker - make a short cartoon comic movie online



Cool characters - animate them - type any English

Choose up to 5 characters from a long list. Good selection of backgrounds, music etc. Save and share the movie. Could be assigned as homework and then shown in class :)


Comic strip – make online – can print

Resource Link

Make belief



3 picture comic strip - type any English

32 characters and 25 objects. Speech and thought bubbles. Could do a warm up lesson on paper first then transfer to computers later.


Comic strip – make online – can print

Resource Link

Make a historic comic strip - recreate history!



Construct comic strip many pages- type any English. Ok selection of characters. Can enlarge and reduce size. Add text any size. Can email it as an e-card or save it to the online gallery. Could be a homework assignment?


Comic strip – make online – can print

Resource Link

Pedro and Peewee



1 or 3 picture format. Add your own text. Click and drag different characters, objects and backgrounds. Can move and resize objects on page.


Comic strip – make online – can print

Resource Link

Strip creator



1 or 2 or 3 picture comic strip - type any English

18 wacky characters. Speech bubbles. Wacky backgrounds. Can choose a random ready made design. Choose 1/2/3/ picture boxes. Interface is very basic and a little confusing.


Comic strip software - $60.00

Resource Link

Design your own comics



Great software can be used to make many types of comics..


Communication activities book


Large file with many good ideas





Includes activities, explanations, materials. For kids but activities can be used with any age group.

Link – original website

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Communication phrases - common expressions

Listening Link

With audio files –  agree, interrupt, thanks etc



Scroll down the page to find this list:


Agreeing and Disagreeing Expressions

Apologizing- ways to say you are sorry

Excuse me! Expressions used when bothering someone

Focusing Attention Expressions

Getting to know you Expressions

Goodbye Expressions

Greetings Expressions

Interrupting someone- Learn how to politely interrupt conversation

Paraphrasing - Trying to express in your own words

Permission - Asking for permission

Phone expressions

Thanks! - Expressing gratitude

Taking turns - Learn how to take turns

Thinking time/Fillers - Learn how to buy time to think before speaking

Weekend - Talk about what you did over the weekend


Communication – warm up – 18 game cards

Activity Link

Try to communicate using different methods



Good as an introduction to a class about communication. How to use body language, abstract language, gesture and pictures etc…

Copy and paste the cards and print.


Comparative / countries - intermediate

Video Link

powerpoint style presentation



Video introduces language comparing countries- then quiz at the end.


Comparatives – I'm... (er) than you.

Song Link

Subtitles – with photo visuals



Catchy tune. Can adapt it to any language. (v012)


Comparative / superlative


Worksheet - common adjectives


Explanation and 15 questions


Contractions - I am / I'm

Game Link

Memory game - visuals are ok



Make sentences when the cards are chosen



Conversation - activities

Activity Link

33 Lesson plans – in categories



Cars, home, travel, general, food and drink, adaptable, health, recreation, work and business, relationships


Conversation – animation / adults

Video Link

5 dialogues - start a conversation





Conversation assessment - advanced


Role play – assessment score card


Students score each other. Give each student a score card. Then students move around the class and role play the language point / conversation etc. The students grade their partner each time on how good they performed in the role play. At the end all the score cards are collected and added together and the students are then give n their score. You can then discuss the good reasons why the students choose the highest scoring students. Get the students to say why they gave a high score. This activity can be done as a daily part of a conversation class - an ongoing assessment. The scores can be kept by the teacher and used for grading.....

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Conversation dialogues - Randall's Esl Lab

Listening Link

3 levels of listening materials - situational and general



Has worksheets for each sound file.



Conversation – EZ Slang everyday language

Listening Link

Situational role plays with worksheets



Small selection but lots of slang everyday language.


Conversation - Ello - hundreds of everyday topics

Videos Link

Many different nationalities and accents



Scroll down the menu at the left side of the page. Here you will find the video archives (Version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Conversation – scenarios


Create a conversation on the subject


047wrd – list of prompts ideas for teacher


Conversation starters


Something different


















Conversation – finish the sentence


Some prompt ideas to start the activity



My car ...

My car broke down two months ago while I was coming home from work.

My car cost a lot but I don't like it anymore.

Now you try it.


My best friend ...

Last night ...

I have never ...

The third world ...

Politicians ...

Parents ...

I once dreamt that ...

Christmas ...

I get really angry when ...

Some people ...

Going on holiday ...

Having my hair cut ...

Making my bed ...

Talking to a drunk ...

Hippies ...

A millionaire ...

When it rains, I ...

Vegetarians ...


Conversation examples


100's of short conversations



Words, no sound files. Many different every day subjects. Good resource to copy and paste example conversations for worksheets etc. Scroll down the page and find the list. Click on one of the 'Conversation01, 02, 03... etc This is will open other pages with big lists of more conversations.


Conversation – EslFast- everyday topics - beginner

Listening Link

With scripts – short , slow speaking - no worksheets







This is the list of categories - choose a category, then a sub-category:

This is the complete list of all the sub-categories (scroll down past advert)

2000+ Daily conversations with scripts. Mixed level, divided into categories / sub-categories. - no worksheets


Conversation - EslGold - beginner to advanced

Listening Link

Listen and repeat - standard course book topics covered



Choose a topic from the list. Click on the audio link below the purple icon speech bubble in the middle right of the page. Audio opens in a new page. Click on the play button to hear the audio.


Conversation game cards


Question on each card – int. / adv.


About 100 questions. Mixed topics.


Conversations - OM - Intermediate / Advanced

Listening Link

3 levels – everyday topics listening with gap fill exercises






listening files

Listen to accents form many different countries

Choose a person 'on the bus' and listen to their conversation.



Conversation / Discuss starters - 13,000 questions !!

Resource Link

Topics listed alphabetically - 650 topics





Conversation Prism - colourful graphic organiser - how we converse

Resource Link

All aspects of conversation – nice visual to promote discussion (Advanced)





1) prism

2) original webpage


Conversation - Real English - with worksheets

Video Link

Standard topics- filmed in the 'real world'



60 videos. Visually interesting and clear language objectives.



Conversation starters - formatted into game cards

Resource Link

24 topics categorised



Scroll down the page and find the list of categories, choose a category, copy and paste.



Conversation starter questions - huge list

Resource Link

Divided into categories



More questions than you will ever need !



Conversation starter - funny

Video Link

Disney video - 'outtakes'





Can be used in many ways. What is happening? What is the key language? Listen and repeat. Watch then act out scene....

Toy Story 2

Bug's life


Conversation starters




Money is for spending.

Punishment never does any good.

People work better if they are paid more / rewarded.

Married people are happier than unmarried people.

Everyone is selfish.

What I was thinking / in my head 2 minutes ago.

The last time I was generous / saw a generous act.

Look before you leap.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Better late than never.

Experience is the best teacher.

No news is good news.

The more you have, the more you want.

How many things are........ bigger than you? Rectangular.? Long and thin? Make a noise? Work by electricity? Are made from....? have handles?

What happened...........? You idiot. We'll never get it back now. / It's terrible. Lets go and ask for our money back. / She;s too big. We'll never get her in. / Found it. But it's too late now. / I think we should tell them. Oh no they'll kill me. / it's cold. Come inside. No it's okay. I'm happy out here. / I'm really having a great time. Well you don't look happy. / The answer is no. But why? It's not fair. / We're late. Let''s go. But I haven't had breakfast. / No more excuses. Your fired. But I can explain. Please let me explain.

Who could …....... go and live in another country? / stop talking for one week? / eat a piece of paper? / die their hair green? / sleep all day? / ride an elephant? / jump out of the window? / skip class?

What's the answer ….... the man was injected with a deadly poison but id did not kill him. Why? (he was already dead) / everyone around him knew who he was but no one knew his name. Why? (he was just born) / 'I'll marry you' she said to her boyfriend. But I knew that she never would. Why? (I had seen the movie before) / she was swimming in the sea and then felt something painful in her mouth then she was zooming out of the water. Why? (she was a fish and had just been caught)

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Conversation - TalkEnglish- individual sentences

Listening Link

Many categories - hundreds of sentences


Menu is in centre of page. Choose a category. Then choose form the list on the right hand side. Click on each sentence to hear the sound file.


Conversation - worksheets


List of conversation subjects





035wrd.doc - This is a list of the conversation subjects on the website link. Print the list and refer to it when looking for worksheets on language points. Will save time looking at the website every time....

Link – this is the website with all the individual worksheets to print.


Cooking class

Resource Link

Simple recipes – scroll down the page to view





Cooking game

Game Link

Many different games – conversation starter



Discuss the recipes / materials etc…


Cooking - project


Chocolate muffins




Recipe and worksheets.

032ad.pdf - beginner

038ad.pdf – intermediate

042ad.pdf – advanced (worksheets only,, recipe is on other pdfs above)


Cooking / food and nutrition - matching

Game Link

Food groups and foods









1) food groups- drag and drop food into groups

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Cooking chant – for idea??

Song Link

Ingredients.... hhmmm...





Cooking – lesson plan

Resource Link

Fast food around the world





Country flags / colours

Song Link

Fast / difficult – visuals are interesting


Can be paused and guess the colour of next flag etc....


Coursebook plays


Adapt the coursebook 'story / conversation' page


Most course books have a cartoon story or conversation page. In pairs or small groups give the students a 'new scenario' and ask them to write a new story / conversation for the new scenario. They must use the key phrases from that unit, but they can adapt it any way they want. Then they 'act out' there new plays in front of other pairs / groups or the class. The first time will take time but if this activity is continued with every unit the students will get more confidence and make the new plays faster.

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Creative Communication and Discussion Activities: by Wayne Rice, Mike Yaconelli.

Resource Link

Read a preview of this book online (26 pages)







Christian discussion class ideas.


Credit cards - print


For role play and games


One page 8 cards. Fronts only.


Daily routines – board game


No words – actions / verbs


Make sentences. Can be used for tense practice as well.


Daily routine- In the morning

Song Link

Simple song with cartoon / photos video - Potato Pals


Good songs for adding actions to the words. Vocabulary: wake up, get out of bed, wash my face, comb my hair, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, get dressed, go to school,


Daily routine- In the evening

Song Link

Simple song with cartoon / photos video – Potato Pals


Good songs for adding actions to the words. Vocabulary: come home. do my homework, walk the dog, watch TV, eat dinner, take a bath, read a story, go to sleep


Daily Routine

Game Link

Matching Pairs (sentence fragments)



8 pairs, but when the second card is 'revealed' it is very fast. So students need to be quick to read it. Also there is a time limit


Daily routines - story listen / repeat

Video Link

I'm a big kid - cartoon images, sound, subtitles





Dance like an animal

Song Link

Fast action song



Funny graphics. No subtitles .doc with lyrics. (v019)


Days – large flashcards


One day per page


Simple picture and words.


Days of the week

Song Link

Cute frogs – cute song



Monday – Sunday (v014)


Days of the week

Song Link

Simple song with man and puppet




Sunday - Saturday


Days of the week

Song Link

Fast – only to reinforce




Sunday – Saturday (v013)


Days + how are you

Song Link

Busy Beavers




Debate format


Involve the whole class in the debate


One large debate

A subject is proposed. The class is divided into pairs. Each pair chooses at random either for or against. Then a set time is given for the pair to think of one point to debate the proposed subject. Pairs are then chosen at random to come to the front of the class. Chose one for pair and one against pair each time. The pair present their point. The rest of the class can ask questions / debate the point. The next pair propose their point. he rest of the class can ask questions / debate the point. Then the class vote on whether the for or the against point was better proposed / defended. Then the next 2 pairs are chosen (one pair for, one pair against) A score is kept each time one point is given to for either for or against. At the end the points are added together and either for or against wins.

4 mini debates

A subject is proposed. The class is divided into pairs. Each pair chooses at random either for or against. Pairs are sent to different corners of the room. There will be 4 mini debates. Give each corner a different point to debate for or against. Then a set time for the pairs to think of their debate for the proposed point. Pairs are then chosen at random to present their point to the other pairs in their corner. Then a set time is given for the other pairs to ask questions / debate the point. Then move to the next pair.

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Debate ideas – good citizenship

Resource Link

Some free downloads – can use site for ideas



You need to become a member to download all the resources. But lots of lists of lesson to borrow ideas J


Debate topics


List of topics ‘easy’ below


Best age – kid, teenager, middle age, retired

Best art – music, painting, sculpture, writing

Best sky – red, black, blue, white

Best ice – cubes or crushed

Best chair – wheels, sofa, wooden bench, folding chair

Learn English – Which is more important in class? Discussing problems or games.

Multinational companies – Do they help or not? eg. economies, international peace, local businesses, make all cultures the same..

Who would you employ? - Hard worker or smart worker

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Debate prompting - advanced


Game cards with for / against point on each one


Give each student / pair of students / team a game card / post-it note with one point on it. They are given a set amount of time to think think of things that other people will say against this point. Then they must write 3 statements to support this point. Then each student/ team / pair will present the point in front of the whole class / another team / pair / student. The other student/s will try to debate the point, and the student / pair / team will try to support the point. Scores can be given for successfully supporting / or debating a point....

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Dice for games - order online

Resource Link

16 sided dice etc, and parts of speech dice....



U.K. company but I think they will deliver worldwide



Dictation - Listen and Write

Self Study Link

Choose full dictation mode, or first letter dictation mode



Current affairs listening files. Mixed subjects.



Dinosaur song - intermediate

Song Link

Funny- fly, swim, jaws, bones etc





A lot of extra words. No subtitles. No lyrics yet.... (v031).


Direct / indirect speech - advanced


Game cards – change from direct to indirect


Make game cards or use pot-it notes. Write a sentence or a short conversation on each card / post-it note. Then exchange cards with another student / team. They must change the card from direct to indirect speech....  they can say it / or write it / or both.

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Directions - catch the letters to spell the word

Game Link

Very basic visuals -standard topics



Uses mouse control - direct the mouse



Directions – map to print

Game Link

5 questions – can use the map for more practice





Directions – map online

Game Link

5 questions – choose the correct answer





Directions / Places / Street names

Game Link

Map + find the place / street (Advanced)



5 questions..Pinting the map is easier. U.K. vocabulary: go as far as, straight ahead, last building, 200 yards, go down, is half way down, take the first. U.K. vocabulary: roundabout, traffic lights. (U.S.- intersection, traffic signals / Canada - circle, stop light). Long sentences giving directions, choose guess correct answer.

Directions – action chant lyrics

Any direction words can be used

This can be done with students standing up – or if the class is very big then students can do the actions sitting and use their hands. Make your own tune J


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Everyone sings and walks forward together.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Everyone sings and walks backward together.)
1, 2, 3 (Forward.)
1, 2, 3 (Backward.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Forward.)


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Everyone sings and walks left together.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Everyone sings and walks right together.)
1, 2, 3 (left
1, 2, 3 (right.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (left.)
1, 2, 3 (left
1, 2, 3 (right.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (right.)


Now let's go backward!


7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Everyone sings and walks in front of together.)
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Everyone sings and walks behind together.)
7, 6, 5 (in front of.)
7, 6, 5 (behind.)
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (behind

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Everyone sings and walks in front of together.)
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Everyone sings and walks fbehind together.)
7, 6, 5 (in front of.)
7, 6, 5 (behind.)
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (in front of)
7, 6, 5 (in front of.)
7, 6, 5 (behind
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (behind.)



Directions post-its - intermediate


Write directions on each post it


Make a map with places written on it. Give each student / pair /team a copy of the map and a post-it note. They write directions to one place on the map. Collect all the post-it notes then read each post-it in a random order to the class (students can read their own). Students then look on the map and write a number where they think the directions lead to..... at the end collect the maps and see who was correct. The same place may have been chosen more than once by different teams... just to add some confusion!

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Directions / prepositions – (lesson plan)


Give the commands as directions





Write the directions on the board and students try to give the class clear commands…..

2 different lesson plan ideas…


Directions - up, down, left, right / numbers

Game Link

Remember which card is the bomb



Direct the mouse but don't choose the bomb!



Discussion lesson plans and worksheets


Many interesting subjects – different levels



Large list of pdfs to download and print.


Discussion starter – develop the story – or make a new scenario

Video Link

Do you know who I am ?



Funny intro to warm up class. Ask the class to introduce the guy in the video. What would they say?


Discussion - Sticky situation - moral dilemmas

Resource Link

Everyday situations - you need to discuss / decide the solution





Discussion topics- categorised

Resource Link

Game cards for each category



Start students talking about a subject with some of the game card questions. Scroll down the page to find the list of categories. Choose a category. Also look at the lesson plan ideas under the game cards in each category.


Discussion topics – long list of ideas

Resource Link

Some interesting ideas – can be adapted





Discuss – culture differences – advanced


Korean / Japanese / French / English – style English









Watch the videos to compare different humour in different cultures and also pronunciation.






Discussion starter ideas


Intermediate to advanced


There are roughly four types of group discussion topics:


•Factual speech topics

•Controversial and argumentative issues

•Abstract discussion material

•Case studies


•If I went to a desert island and could take one thing / other person, I would take

•The most important thing that has happened in my lifetime is

•My three best qualities are

•The perfect day would be

•The person I most admire is

•Tie discussion questions to news items, programs themes, or activities.

•Have each teen create their own discussion starter to contribute to the activity.

•Write each discussion starter down on a separate slip of paper and put the slips in a box. Each participant reaches in and selects one to read and answer. Or a single person can select one for the entire group to respond to.

•Pair kids together and have them share their responses with each other rather than the larger group.

•Have kids respond to discussion questions in a journal that they can choose to share or keep private.

•Have kids create drawings, collages, or other artwork in response to their questions and answers.

3.Work Ethics - Can we shape workers who have the sense that they serve the company ánd community?

4.School Violence - What are the real causes of violence and bullying in Schools?

5.Recycling - Sort out how to make money with recycling.

6.Dropouts - Individual attention in safe schools and smaller classes; is that the way to stop students to drop out?

7.Iraq - What are the best exit strategies?

8.Speech Privacy - What are the best technologies to safeguard the right of free speech privacy on the internet?

9.Minimum Wage - Why should we have a minimum wage or why not?

10.Burnout - Should everybody check his or herself of burnout signs? How?


Discussion ideas


Generate different opinions for discussion


Tell the students they have to complete the sentences with realism-not just adding on a grammatically correct ending.

For example, for "People who eat crisps in the cinema ...",

annoy me

should eat them before the show

make a lot of noise

have a right to do so (!)

Everybody has a different answer-and opinion which generates discussion


























Discussion – true or false facts


Can prompt fun discussion




Give a game card to each pair of students / group. Then they present the fact to the class as ‘ true’ or ‘false’. Then the class discusses their opinion.

049wrd- true or false facts

060wrd- all false facts


Discussion topics




Rank them - In order of importance / which 4 things would you keep and why....

mirror, candy, soap, curtains, plates/bowls, pens, keys, towels

Rank them - In order of importance / which 4 things would you keep and why....

phone, refrigerator, TV, computer, light bulb, toilet, washing machine, cooker, shower, radio, air con.

Flashing - quickly flash a picture on a card / computer screen / TV. The students only see it for half a second. In pairs / groups the students discuss what they saw. They then try to write / speak the objective. Some example objectives:

Describe what is happening in the picture?

One sentence about what is happening (you can define a tense).

What will happen next?

Describe the people / objects in the picture.

Points can be given for the groups who give the most  accurate information.

Kill time – How do you kill time when you are …....

1 --- at home (talk to..... read..... go to the bathroom...... change channels ….. browse the Internet …....order / cook / look for food...

phone.... clean / wash./ tidy...)

2 --- waiting for a bus (talk to..... read..... go to the bathroom.... buy a coffee.... phone.... play games on cell phone..... browse the internet..... watch... walk to next bus stop... find a different bus...)

Rank who is the most important person - When you are: 2, 10, 20, 40, 60 years old

mum, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, relatives, best friend, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, mother-in-law, co-worker, customers, boss, bank manager, doctor, interior decorators, neighbours

Telepathy - 084ad.pdf – telepathy picture game cards.

Pairs .activity. Both partners are given one game card each. They sit at opposite sides of the room. The teacher uses a stopwatch to count 10 seconds x 10. One partner looks at one picture for ten seconds. The second partner tries to telepathically read their partners mind. Both partners draw the symbol beside number one on the sheet. Then the partner chooses another picture and sends a telepathic signal for 10 seconds. This is repeated 10 times. At the end the partners compare sheets to see how many symbols the second partner telepathically 'read' correctly. Any score of more than 4 indicates real telepathic potential!!!

After the activity have a discussion about telepathic ability / paranormal etc

What is your favourite English word? Why?

The Internet


Future transport

Genetic engineering / robotics

Outer space

Age and attitude

when is lying okay?

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Discuss / project – what’s in your bag?

Resource Link

80 people – photos of contents of their bags



This can b used as a discussion resource- print some of the photos. Or it can be a project – students have to photograph the contents of their / or family members etc… bag contents – then write / present information….




Practical games to teach language points





Do you have a....? I have a...

Song Link

Subtitles- tune and graphics are so-so




Good to practice language point. (v040)


Documentaries - with subtitles – inter / advanced

Self Study Link

Listening to many different situational language



Choose a category from the menu at top right of the page. Then choose a video to watch :) Enjoy


Egg drop- project


Build an 'egg protector' !



Direction worksheets- write the directions

to create the egg protector. Then make it. Then throw the eggs of the roof and see if the design works?? haha

044ad.pdf - design worksheet + homework introduce '…. proof' words - advanced

010pp.ppt – introduce design ideas – photos of different designs.


Elephant song – I like …....

Song Link

Subtitles funny! – animals + verbs





Lyrics .doc to download. (v028)


Emotions - silly online game with real people photos

Game Link

Guess the expressions - rollover the images and change



Good for a warm up, and a laugh :)



English camp - venues


Hotel, fast food, airport etc





003pp.ppt - venue review quiz - I don't know if the fonts embedded. The fonts used in this are: starry night, starlight stars JL, showtime.

021wrd.doc – easy - find someone who? Introduction worksheet.

022wrd.doc – intermediate - find someone who? Introduction worksheet.

023wrd.doc – fast food / hotel …. some dialogues for ideas


English course (U.S.) - beginner to intermediate

Self Study Link

Online classroom with videos / worksheets / games



Many levels and very useful for self study.



English course - mostly grammar

Self Study Link

All levels - exercises, multimedia, exam practice



Comprehensive lots of information. Boring but useful...??






free textbooks / game cards / worksheets/ videos



Useful as quick resource for additional materials (U.K) visually boring

'Big books' are full of worksheets on different points.



EnglishKaraoke - songs with subtitles


Many language points - some subtitles



Made for kids but could use any age



EslFlow- large database divided into sections


mixed quality



Resources for everything. Go search... !



EslKidStuff –divided into sections


Flashcards. lesson plans, worksheets, games etc





home page

games page



EslVideo  - about 100 videos


Mixed subject and levels



Can be used as a resource to find other resources.....


Everything esl – database about 50 links


good description of each website



Divided into grades – first language English speaker grades ! J So the first section will be beginner second language grade.


Exam Prep - lots of categories for different exams

Self Study Link

Free example tests and questions



For most of the popular TOEIC type exams


Face (Parts of....)

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)



15 pairs. Clear speaking. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match.

Face: lip, eyebrow, tooth, ear, chin, eye, nose, mouth, cheek. Also plurals for some of these..


Family (extended members)

Game Link

Teaser (members relationship to each other)



10 questions. Choose guess correct answer – then check answer. Simple, boring...

List of answers (jumbled ):








bother in law





Game Link

Simpson Family + Choose correct combination






10 combinations of names. Simple, boring...List of answers (jumbled ):daughter – mother / brother – sister / mother – daughter / sister – brother / father – daughter / mother – son / son – father / sister – sister / husband – wife

Same vocabulary but finish the sentence this time.

Same vocabulary + children, parent. Match question and answer sentences.


Family / Feelings

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)



15 pairs. Clear speaking. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match.

Family: grandfather, father, mother, brother, sister. Feelings: sick, funny, tired, fine, sleepy, shy, smart, ok, terrific.


Family – large flashcards


Some extended – aunt etc


No words only pictures. One per page.


Family – we are a family (chickadee)

Song Link

Fast and many animals





No subtitles. Lyrics on .doc. (v020)


Family – we are family pop song

Song Link

Sesame street – great video







No subtitles. Lyrics on .doc.

Second link is for an adult version of song with many different pop stars singing the song.



Family tree

Self Study Link

Make your own family tree and print



Use family in biography: grandfather, father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin.


Feelings – face masks


Cut out the masks


Happy, sad, surprised, tired, angry, scared



Resource Link

Free worksheets, puzzles and games.



Topics: U.S. / Canada / chores / household x2 / seasons / minimal pairs / wild animals / shapes / farm animals / clothing / DOLCH words / fruits /  numbers / family / alphabet / Chinese New Year / Valentine's Day / St. Patrick's Day / Easter / Thnaksgiving / Halloween / Christmas



Resource Link

3 sizes – big, medium, small



Topics: Actions / Adjectives / Opposites / Alphabet / Animals / Body Parts /  Christmas / Christmas Coloring Pictures / Clothes / Colors / Daily Activities  / Easter / Emotions / Family / Food (Plural) / Food (Uncountable) /  Halloween / Health / Numbers / Occupations / Places / Prepositions /  Rooms in a House / School Objects / Seasons & Weather / Sports /  St. Patrick's Day / 

Thanksgiving / Time / Valentine's Day



Resource Link

Free worksheets, puzzles and games.



Topics: Actions / Alphabet / Animals / Body Parts / Buildings / Christmas /  Classroom / Clothes / Colors / Days of the Week / Dinner Set / Easter  / Emergency Services / Family / Feelings / Five Senses / Food & Drink / Fruit / Halloween / Months / Musical Instruments / Numbers /  Occupations / Playground / Presents / Rooms / Shapes / Sports / St. Patrick's Day / Things at Home / 

Transportation / Valentine's / Weather


Flashcard posters – small selection

Resource Link

Use to decorate walls etc…



Numbers, household, clothes, colours, family, shapes, etc..


Flashcards / worksheets / song lyrics / games ideas / $25 per year

Resource Link

Some free - standard topics



Looks okay but I have never joined. If you join email me and let me know if it is worth it :)


Flea market - situation role play


Make a flea market scenario game






105ad- Make a poster to advertise the flea market.

106ad- Print and colour the fleas and these can be used as game cards in many ways.

050wrd- Dialogue for role play flea market.


Food – fast food ordering

Game Link

Matching game




Simple visuals - 6 pairs


Food- hidden picture


Powerpoint- guess the food


Hamburger, pizza, ice cream ,chocolate, cake, sandwich, hotdog, bread



Food – large flashcards


No words - random


Rice, fried chicken, cheese, cake, noodles, bread, grapes, oranges, apples, strawberries



Food – fast food situation in English Village

Video download

Ordering fast food in a fast food restaurant



041wrd – fast food dialogues



Food from around the world


Powerpoint slides to introduce different food



Can be us to promote discussion of world cuisine and food types / groups.


Food / Drink / Vegetables / Meals / Fruit

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)









15 pairs. Clear speaking. Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match.. Drink: wine, coffee, juice, milk, tea, beer. Food: pudding, chocolate, ice cream, bread, candy, cake, cookie, banana.

Vegetables: tomato. lettuce, cucumber, onion, cabbage, potato, carrot. Meals:: curry and rice, salad, rice, hamburger, steak, chicken,sandwich, spaghetti,

Fruit: orange, apricot, apple, peach, strawberry, watermelon, cherry, papaya, pineapple, grape. Also plurals for some of these fruits..



Fonts - for free download

Resource Link






Frog life cycle - project


Worksheets, game cards, ppt



Can be used in many different ways. Worksheets are graded in 3 levels of difficulty.


Future – going to...


Game board -answer the questions






Game cards – peanut butter and jam sangos!


Reward cards for playing any game !



Make as many sandwiches as possible. These cards can be used in many different games.


Game cards – heart, bomb, boom


Reward cards for playing any game !




Heart gives you 1point.

Bomb you can send to another team and they lose one 1point..

Boom you lose 1 point.

These cards can be used in many different games.

109ad – front face of cards

110ad- back face of cards


Games – database (Kinder site)

Game online

Huge resource of good quality games



Also has many more resources have a look.

(Some of the games listed on this site are also listed here indiviually.)



Games – database (Kent CLL)

Game online

abut 20 fun games – mixed quality





Game database - (Learning games)

Game online

Spelling / vocab / songs + all school subjects



Good quality and interesting selection. About 5 games listed in each category.



Games online - database

Game online

for all school subjects



English, science, social studies, art, math, music, tech, health

Good quality visuals and games.


Game community online - TalkingPoint

Game online

Fun games – play against another person online



Register – it’s free. Then choose a game and try. Many language points.



Game boards – blank 








108ad- jumping lily pads design

055wrd- pirates design

056wrd- football design

057wrd- crocodile design

058wrd- alphabet ‘pointer’ design- close eyes and point to choose a letter for vocabulary practice


Going to the zoo tomorrow

Song Link

Fast and a lot of words





No subtitles. Lyrics on .doc. (v021)

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Goodbye chant lyrics


With actions – make your own tune


See you later. (Make circles with thumbs and index fingers around each eye, and then extend your arms out and point out to the class.)
See you later. (Make circles with thumbs and index fingers around each eye, and then extend your arms out and point out to the class.)
See you later. (Make circles with thumbs and index fingers around each eye, and then extend your arms out and point out to the class.)
Take care. (Wave with your left hand.)
Good-bye. (Wave with right hand.)



Grammar explanations

Resource Link

Short and concise information






Categories: Adjectives / Adverbs / Determiners / Direct and Indirect Speech / Gerund and / Present Participle (ing form) / Nouns / Passive / Possessive / Relative Clauses / The Infinitive / To Get / Verbs and Verb Tenses

Different website - bit longer explanationsSpelling / Numbers / Adjective or Adverb / Adjectives and Adverbs / Avoiding Common Errors / How to Use Adjectives and Adverbs / Appositives / Articles: A versus An / How to Use Articles (a/an/the) / Prepositions / Pronouns / Relative Pronouns / Count and Noncount Nouns / Subject-Verb Agreement / Verb Tenses / Active Verb Tenses / Irregular Verbs


Grammar – online exercises – 5 levels


Hundreds of exercises – clearly categorised



Choose a category .Click on ‘show’ all questions and copy and paste and make worksheets.


Grammar- matching games

Game Link

Visually simple - ok for quick warm up etc.



Can be used as a game- make a sentence from the 2 chosen words if they don't match and get one point. Find 2 matching words and get 2 points.


Grammar notes - short and sweet

Resource Link

All major grammar points - brief not and examples



Select the grammar point from the menu down the left hand side of page.


Grammar exercises – excellent vast, vast list

Resource Link

All grammar points – gap fill exercises (check answers)



Select the grammar point from the large menu. A new window will open with a new list on that grammar point. Choose an exercise and a new window will open with the exercise.


Grammar quiz - online

Self Study Link

Standard grammar points – big list


Simply visuals. Gives explanation if you choose the wrong answer.



Grammar - worksheets to print

Resource Link

Standard points - short worksheet with answers




copy and paste

simple worksheets - with answers - copy and paste


Grammar worksheets - pdfs

Resource Link

Standard grammar points



You need to join but it is FREE.


Graphic organizers – large list of designs


pdfs to use in class



Every type of graphic organizer you can think if J



  Halloween – songs and powerpoint

Resource Link

2 songs / video and poem abut Halloween







song 1

 song 2

Video of Halloween symbols

Here’s a poem written by Robert Ford


The Bat Poem


Bats are big

bats are small

have a good time

with them all


Bats may be scary OH MY,

but they will never make you die


No one knows when they came about,

but they use echolocation to find their route.


Tonight they'll eat 6000 mosquitoes.

They must be very hungry!



One day all the bats will be gone,

but if respect them,

they will never go wrong.


Hangman - nice clean visuals

Game Link

Different standard topic categories



A bit more high tech then a blackboard??? ... :)



Health  – I feel / I have


Picture, guess, reveal words



001pp.ppt – I feel....

002pp.ppt – I have.....

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Hearing mistakes


To reinforce key language / phrases


Define the key language for that class. Then when the class is engaged in a speaking activity the students can listen to each other. If they hear another student making a mistake when using the key language, then they can get a point if they can correct the mistake.

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Hello – my name is

Song Link

Catchy but a little fast – fun animation



With bold capital letter subtitles.


Hello – how are you?

Song Link

Catchy with actions – for kids!




Get kids up and moving!


Hello – how are you?

Song Link

European style – sing along




2 girls and a guitar sing hello. A little fast.


Hello chant


With actions – make your own tune


Hello, hello. (Wave one hand, then the other hand)
Can you clap your hands? (Clap!)

Hello, hello. (Wave!)
Can you clap your hands? (Clap!)

Can you stretch up high? (Stretch!)
Can you touch your toes? (Bend down and touch your toes)
Can you turn around? (Turn around)
Can you say hello? (Wave, then say hello to as many people as you can!)


Hello, hello. (Wave!)
Can you stamp your feet? (Stamp your feet.)

Hello, hello. (Wave!)
Can you stamp your feet? (Stamp your feet.)

Can you stretch up high? (Stretch!)
Can you touch your toes? (Bend down and touch your toes)
Can you turn around? (Turn around)
Can you say hello? (Wave, then say hello to as many people as you can!)


Hello, hello. (Wave!)
Can you clap your hands? (Clap!)
Hello, hello. (Wave!)
Can you stamp your feet. (Stamp your feet!)



Homework research


Give students different interactive homework


Write the homework on a game card / post-it note. Give each student a different card / note. This can be a new vocabulary word they need to find the meaning, or new key phrase they need to find the meaning, or a topic they need to research and provide the required information.

Cards / notes can be distributed at random or the teacher  can give individual tasks to each student if a multi-level class.

The students then become the 'expert' / teacher' of the homework subject. Next class they can present their homework to the rest of the class.

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Homophones - memory game

Game Link

Visuals are ok



Choose the correct word to make the sentence.


Homework mistakes


Correct or incorrect


Before giving back writing homework read out a few example sentences, some correct, some incorrect. The students have to say which ones are correct and which ones are incorrect. This can be used to reinforce a common mistake or a certain language point.


Hot diggity dog

Song Link

Fast Mickey Mouse song





No subtitles. Lyrics on .doc. (v022)

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Hotel – situation in English Village

Video download

Reservation, check-in, check-out



040wrd – hotel dialogues


Hotel - project


Role play activites















046ad.pdf - beginner

047ad.pdf – intermediate

048ad.pdf – advanced

Slide shows.

011pp.ppt – beginner (to match worksheets)

012pp.ppt – int / adv (to match worksheets)


049ad.pdf – 38 pages. One per page with words (can fold pages to put the words on the back)

Role play.

050ad.pdf – role play character cards and worksheet.


051ad.pdf – dialogue sheet – can write the responses.

Link.  (need Real Player installed to watch)

Use 051ad.pdf to role play with the video link online!! Scroll down the page and find the good and bad day boxes. Choose video Then look in the center of the next page and find the 'watch the video' link

Choose at random good day or bad day?? (v063) (v064)

Answer sheets.

001tx.txt – listening answers

020wrd.doc – int / advanced


House – 4 rooms, what's .. doing?

Song Link

Subtitles – easy Busy Beavers






Bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen. Very simple visuals and tune. Good to practice language point, some extra words.

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House – look like, made of...

Song Link

Some subtitles - intermediate





Very simple visuals and tune. Uses a lot of language to describe houses.

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House  – objects in home


Bingo cards - 15 cards


2 cards per page. Refrigerator, sofa, bed, table, toilet, bathtub, lamp, bathroom, telephone, chair, television, wardrobe, piano, stove, bookcase, kitchen sink.

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House  – objects in home


Advanced – small game cards


Mixture of objects / furniture etc. words only no images. Can be used in games.

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House - rooms in the house

Song Link

This is my …....




Very simple. No subtitles. (v033)

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House – rooms (map)

Resource Link

Floor plan for Simpson's house



Save and use the map in class. (Example exercise is difficult / confusing English.)


House / Household / Directions / Prepositions

Game Link

Interactive Simpson house – with tasks or can be used in many other ways



Find the interactive objects. Students direct the mouse to click on something. Make sentences about whatever they find. Can review lots of vocabulary. Give points for choosing interactive objects.


How much is this please?

Game Link

British currency – but can be understood easily



Toys, currency and key phrases.


I can / I can't + verbs – pumpkin cartoon

Video Link

Funny cartoon







ICT Games – phonics / blends / spelling

Database Link

Lists the ‘objective’ beside each game





1- Literacy section to practice English sounds. Scroll down the page and you will find a long list of games

2- Numeracy section can be used to teach numbers / math terminology.


IE - worksheets and MP3's


catagorised clearly



Conversation, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, culture, MP3's, grammar

Large resource - materials pdf and doc. Made for French students studying English so some French on the worksheets :)



Idioms useful - only a few ..





6 pages . 12 flashcards


Idiomatic expressions - Business English

Resource Link

Some are common / some not so common - listed alphabetically





Idiomatic expressions - some common idioms

Resource Link

Useful everyday expressions - listed alphabetically



Choose one a day and use it as much as possible! :)



Idiomatic expressions - common idioms

Video Link

Useful idioms - with video links and meaning



Large list . Click on idiom and a new page opens with a list of video links where the idiom is used. Choose a video.

OR .. click on ‘go to meaning’ to see definition of idiom.



I like the.......

Song Link

Catchy tune - with photos of nature





Use it to introduce the tune, then can change the words for any language point. (v034)

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If your happy and you know it

Song Link

With actions





No subtitles, but lyrics .doc to download. (v024)

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Iguana song

Song Link

Fast and many words





No subtitles, but lyrics .doc to download. (v023)


I'm ….. (age) 1 – 10

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)



12 pairs. Funny scoring. 2 extra added vocabulary: birthday cake, Grandpa is 70. Scroll a third down the page for game. Need to use 'View'- 'Zoom' in Internet Explorer as pictures are a bit small.


I'm blue / colours (Intermediate)

Song Link

Simple, clear subtitles..


Here are the lyrics. Copy, paste and enlarge.


"Blue (Da Ba De)"

Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around
Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

I have a blue house with a blue window.
Blue is the colour of all that I wear.
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
Blue are the people here that walk around,
Blue like my corvette, it's standing outside.
Blue are the words I say and what I think.
Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

I have a blue house with a blue window.
Blue is the colour of all that I wear.
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
Blue are the people here that walk around,
Blue like my corvette, it's standing outside.
Blue are the words I say and what I think.
Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

Inside and outside blue his house
With the blue little window and a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around cause he aint got

Nobody to listen to

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

I'm blue (if I was green I would die)


Impromptu  - advanced


Speaking / writing - think quickly and simply!


Use one of the free online comic creator software programs. (See resources section) Quickly create some cartoon scenarios …... but don't finish the ending. Give a different cartoon to each student / pair /group. They have to write or speak the ending. Give a time limit to put pressure on them to think quickly and simplly. This is not about complicated language, it's about communicating an idea quickly and simply.

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In the jungle – funny hippo

Song Link

With actions





No subtitles, but lyrics .doc to download. I changed the lyrics slightly to make it easier. (v017)

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Indonesian gateway – database of websites


Good for unusual real material to use in class






Horrible interface – but lots of unusual information


When you open this page click on one of the links- actors / actresses etc… then a new page will appear (ignore the top links they wont work) just scroll down the page and choose a website then click on the website link.

You have to use the ‘back’ button on internet explorer to naviget the site.



Intonation / stress


Speak like you are ………




tv announcer



2 year old

80 year old


Intonation / stress


Introduction to using an expressive voice


Write the words below on the board and then ask the students to say the words and display a different emotion when they say it. For example, love, boredom, hungry, tired, etc

I love you / Hello / Good morning / Well / Come here

Oh / Please / Really / Yes / No / I'm sorry

Thanks / Bad luck / It's a deal / Congratulations

What / Great

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Intonation  / stress


Follow the intonation signals - game


Use any conversations in the course textbook. Practice the conversation and introduce the intonation 'beat' – make it a bit rhythmical. Then the students 'chant' the conversation.

Introduce signals you will give for – intonation up, intonation down, stress, .. then also add in some fun things like....whispering, singing, clapping, nodding,... etc...

Give the students some starting points credit on the board. The students then start the conversation from the beginning. Signal them when to start and then give signals during the conversation for them to … whisper, clap... etc...... Any students who don't follow the signals or who mix up the words lose one point. Any students who say the correct words and follow the signals gain a point.

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Intonation  / stress


Silent chanting conversations to a beat


Use any conversations in the course textbook. Practice the conversation and introduce the intonation 'beat' – make it a bit rhythmical. Then the students 'chant' the conversation in their head only (no speaking).

Give the students some starting points credit on the board. The students then start the conversation from the beginning- only in their heads. Signal them when to start and if they are lower students you can move your mouth (no sound) to give them a visual cue. Make a signal for them to start speaking out loud. Any students who say the wrong part of the conversation lose one point. Any students who say the correct part of the conversation gain a point.

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Introduce yourself - first class warm up


Find someone who….? Questionnaire



Get everyone to move around and talk to each other. Can be edited.


Introduce yourself


3 facts / draw your portrait / write a description


Give each student 3 post-it notes.

Students write 3 facts about themselves. One fact on each post-it note. They can write one false fact if they want! All the post-its are collected and mixed together. Then one post-it is chosen at random and read to the class. The class try and guess who is it? Students can work individually or in pairs / teams to try and guess who is it... The person should try to hide.... if no one guesses it is them correctly then they are given double points. So they should suggest that they think it is someone else....


Give each student a post-it notes.

Students draw their own portrait. Or write a funny description of themselves -maybe a strange hobby they like or somewhere strange they have visited or.... anything a bit 'not normal'.

Collect the post-it notes. Mix them and then choose each one at random. Show or read the post-it to the class. The other students try to guess who it is??

After they guess correctly the post-it note can be passed around the class while the person speaks. This will make the atmosphere more relaxed for the speaker as people look / laugh at the post-it note.

More advanced students can draw / write more detail – sports equipment, hobbies etc. They need to keep talking until the post-it has passed all the way around the class back the beginning to encourage them to speak more....

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Introduce yourself

Activity Link

Simpsons introduce themselves – guess the correct answer



Can give ideas about introduction speech.



Irregular verbs


Action chanting


Touch the ankles and say the first tense, then the hips and say the second tense, then throw the arms up in the air and say the final tense.

For example:

go, went, will go / or / go, went, gone

drink, drank, will drink / or / drink, drank, drunk


Add-on - Add a new verb each class or once a week...


Add-on - Review every class, touch your ankles, hips or arms up in the air and say the word related with that movement. The students then touch the other two and say the correct words.


Itsy- bitsy (incy wincy) spider

Song Link

Song with book to print and colour





094ad- itsy bitsy spider book to print and colour


Jennifer's ESL - grammar points on videos

Self Study Link

Many videos giving clear explanation of grammar points



Excellent YouTube site. Full of many different grammar points. Good clear instruction and sound.


Joe Thompson - select from a 'Jukebox'


Fun songs



Scroll down right side of page and find 'jukebox' box. Scroll down jukebox and choose a song.


Joke stories - try to get the joke ! - advanced

Resource Link

Introduce random vocabulary and language usage






Karaoke songs - Mingoville

Song / resource

download the mp3 then add your own words



Good quality sound and okay tunes- a bit repetitive and slow- good for beginner students.


Kids Stuff – huge database of website links


mixed selection – some links are not working



Look at the language arts section first J

Social studies / math / art / science

Also parent and teacher section :J



Keep score by hitting penguins !


If a team achieves the objective they get a chance to hit a penguin



This game can be used at the end of every class. The overall winning team can get one hit …. Or all teams can get a hit the higher their score in class activity the more hits they get.

- Put a penguin score sheet on the wall and mark each teams score every day /week. The winning team at end of term can get a prize!

- Keep the score of the distance that they hit each time total together. (ignore the overall game score on the computer game)

- To choose who gets to hit the penguin you can choose the name fro each team at random J


Key phrases auction sale


Sell the key phrases to the students


Make up sentences using the key phrases some correct and some wrong. Give each student / pair / team a starting amount of credit points . They can use these credit points to buy sentences (if they have no credit then they can't buy anything!).Then start to sell key phrases to the class. This can be done by selling every phrase open to all the class and all the class can bid against each other. Or the key phrases can be selected at random by you or the student and then that student / pair / team get the opportunity to bid on that phrase against the teacher (who also has the same amount of credit). If the sentence is correct then the student / pair / team with the highest bid get the highest bid amount In points added to their score. If the sentence is wrong then the highest bidder gets the highest bid amount in points subtracted from their score. This game can be very dramatic – who is winning and losing can change very quickly and the teacher can also really confuse the game by bidding creatively! The students love beating the teacher! After the students understand the game it can be added to. (See below).

 Add-on- To keep teams involved. If a team loses all their points then they wait until a wrong sentence is bid on. They are given the opportunity to 'correct' the sentence. If they say it correctly then they are given some points and they can join in the game again.

Add-on- If a sentence is correct and all the teams 'pass'. So no student /team bids any points on it , then ALL teams lose points!

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Key phrase repetition


Practice structure / intonation


Take a key phrase and right it many times dropping the first word from the left each time.

For example:

How do you go to shcool?

do you go to school? How

you go to school? How do

go to school? How do you

to school? How do you go

school? How do you go to

In pairs students practice repeating one of the lines across or down. Stress and intonation can be added to some of the keywords and must be spoken correctly.


Key phrase sign language


Create their own signs


In pairs / groups the students invent their own sign language to show the keyphrases. This helps to reinforce correct understanding of the key language. The students can then present their sign language to the class. The other students can try to guess which key phrase the students are 'signing'.


Add-on - The class can choose one set of signs (from one pair or a mixture from diffrent pairs). This can be the accepted signs for that key phrase. The teacher can then use these signs in future classes to prompt students to remember the key phrases.


Kitchen – objects in kitchen


Large flashcards – two per page


No words. Bowl, cup and saucer, fork, glass, knife, plate, spoon.


Kites / prepositions .. project


Craft / project idea




015pp.ppt – guess where are the kite shops? Which country?

016pp.ppt – where is the kite? do the actions

015wrd.doc - flashcards. 2 per page. Words and pictures. The kite is ….....dancing

on the roof, diving under the water .. etc


Lazy donkey – video story


Listening – intermediate / adv.





028wrd.doc - Video script. Can be adapted into a worksheet or gap fill.

Link - to video online (v067)


Lesson plans – videos of real classes

Video Link

Different subjects



Use for lesson plan ideas?



Lesson plan ideas - example lesson and worksheet

Resource Link

Scroll down menu to find language / grammar point



Easy to search. Nice simple website interface.



Lesson plans

Resource Link

Categorised by school subject and grade





Lesson plan ideas and resources - Oxfam


global citizenship / climate change



Categorised in left column at top by age.


Lesson plans

Resource Link

Interesting and easy to search





Lesson plan ideas – download materials

Resource Link

Related to books



But more categories i think???


Lesson plan ideas - printables

Resource Link

Categorized by topic



Materials and links to online games etc


Lesson plans- not standard ideas / alternate

Resource Link

Looking for something different?



Hundreds of lesson plans for all levels


Lesson plans – download prinatbles

Resource Link

Different and interesting ideas



About 50 ideas…..


Lesson plan ideas - craft based but good ideas

Video Link

Materials on different topics – can print



Easy to search. Nice simple website interface with many many many videos.



Lesson plans- ReadWriteThink

Resource Link

Over 500 lesson plans – many topics



Search by grade or keyword.


Lesson plan idea – Hiking (imagination only J)


in the jungle / mountains /swamp / moon etc



Students make a scenario –it can be used to practice present continuous or past depend on situation.


Listening exercises- specific topics

Self Study Link

Directions / telephone / in the store…. etc



14 exercises – interactive interface is not very good.


Listening  – AgendaWeb (intermediate)


Categorised –slow ok quality – with worksheets



Situational stories with gap fill. Also actions with picture key. Also look at the blue bar at the bottom Go4 English.com … 1,2,3,4, these link to British Council good exercises online – but no description so just choose a number and see where it leads!!


Listening for context - intermediate


Write the context only – not dictation


Do the ‘listening for keywords’ activity a few times before attempting this one.

Give each a student a post-it note / game card. On the card / note write... who / where/ when / why / how / doing what. The students listen and write important keywords to answer these questions.

(This activity will take a few attempts before the students will be able to do this. But it will really improve their ability to listen for the context instead of trying to understand every single word.)

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Listening grab - intermediate


Write keywords on post-it notes


Students are in pairs / teams / or make 2 rows at the board. Stick the post-it notes on the desks or on the board. Say the keyword. The students need to hold up the correct post-it. Keep the score. Give points for - who is correct / extra points for who is fastest etc.

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Listening for keywords - intermediate


Write the keywords only – not dictation


Give each a student a small / medium post-it note (NOT big). The students listen and write the important keywords only.

(This activity will take a few attempts before the students will be able to do this. But it will really improve their ability to listen for the keywords instead of trying to understand every single word.)

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Listening context / keyword


Sentence reconstruction


Read a sentence and ask the students to listen for the context, but not write anything. Read a sentence again and ask the students to listen for the key words, but not write anything. When you have finished the sentence the second time tell them to write down the key words. In pairs they now try to reconstruct the whole sentence using the keywords and the context. This is not dictation, they can construct it with different words as long as the meaning and keywords are correct.


Listening dictation blah blah


Gap fill dictation


Dictate a text to the students leave gaps by saying 'blah blah' where you want the students to leave a gap. After you have finished the dictation ask the students to read the text and fill in the gaps. While they are doing this you can move around the classroom and check their dictation to check their listening comprehension.

Add-on - You can become a dictation machine. The students can call out - stop / start / go back. You must stop exactly when they say stop, even if it is in the middle of a word, and you must start again form the exact same place!! To go back you can make a rewind noise and say a keyword now and again until students say stop.


Listening focused


Listening with background noise


In pairs one partner covers their ears and the other students come to the teacher. The teacher says a word / key phrase / sentence(s). Then the students run to their partners and say the word / key phrase / sentence(s). The partner must repeat / write the word / key phrase / sentence(s) and then go and say / show it to the teacher. This can be very noisy with all the partners talking at the same time.


Add- on- You can make them stay 1 metre away from their partner so they need to speak loudly. This helps teach focused listening with background noise.


Add- on- You can make them cover their eyes so they need to speak clearly. This helps teach focused listening without visual cues.


Listening and reading


Find the extra words


Read a text to the students but add about 10 extra words. The students need to call out / write down the extra words when they hear them. This healps with listening and reading for context.


Add-on - This can also be used to reinforce a certain grammar point or structure.


Listening- free online TV and radio

Self Study Link

Database with 20 links



Find the English programs J


Listening – with online worksheets

Listening Link

Mixed level – links to British Council



You can copy and paste the online worksheets to make your own worksheets to print.

061wrd – Ima’s and Min’s stories (middle column at the top)



Listening relaxed focusing


Draw a doodle while listening


Give each student a blank sheet of paper and tell them to draw doodles as they listen to the text. They can draw anything they want. They are to relax and make their mind blank like the piece of paper. Then just let the words flow through their brain and draw whatever they feel like drawing. Then ask the students to show their doodles to the class and connect it to the text and what they heard. This can help learns who are always getting distracted when listening or who like to do 2 things at the same time.


Listening relax focused


Eyes closed listen to a song


The students relax and close their eyes or put their heads on the desk. Play the song and they listen. They are not to think about English. They are to relax and make their mind blank and let the words flow through their brain as noises. The after listening to the song 2 or 3 times they write any words / phrases that they liked to sound of. They can also talk about what the song made them feel or what they think the song is about. Then you can give them a transcript of the song... or don't. This exercise is to show that just relaxing and listening to English is enjoyable. Students can get very demodulated with studying English all the time. It is good to let them just enjoy it from time to time.


Listening sleep


The wake up fairy says key phrases / key vocabulary


Tell all the students to write in their notebooks one of the key vocabulary words or key phrases. Then tell them all to put their heads on their hands on their desk and sleep. You are the wake up fairy and you will wake up the key vocabulary or key phrases in a minute. Let the students sleep for 1 minute. Then start waking them up...

The wake up fairy says wake up, wake up...... What day is today?

The wake up fairy says wake up, wake up....... Thursday.

Keep going until all the students are sitting up awake.

This can be used to settle a noisy class or at the end of class as a relaxation reward.... students love to sleep in class!!

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Listening – TEOIC conversations

Resource Link

Listen and answer the questions



Scroll down the page and find the play button just above the questions.



Listening topics updated daily - DailyStep - advanced

Self Study Link

4 levels - listening, scripts, vocabulary, function



Click play on the orange bar to hear the file. Script is blacked out at the beginning. Click on the black areas to see the words. Click again to hide the script.



Listening - everyday standard conversations

Self Study Link

Basic for beginners



Normal speed, slow speed then normal speed again - with script.


Listening- BetterEnglish - advanced

Self Study Link

Normal speed conversations



Limited selection - some advanced topics


Listening - TalkEnglish – 3 levels

Listening Link

Different situation dialogues – worksheet / script



Choose from basic, intermediate and advanced levels in the middle column of  the webpage. Short and fast dialogues – even beginner.. Useful language.


Lyrics and worksheets


For popular pop songs


With grammar exercises - different levels


Made of / used for


Game board -advanced


Practice 'materials – what's it made of...

Practice 'guess object' – something used for..'


Made of (What's it..)

Game Link

Conveyor belt – grab the items



Animation needs mouse control or interactive whiteboard. (wood, glass, rubber, metal)


Maps – town buildings / streets


For direction games




030wrd.doc – big town map- from MES English.

031wrd.doc – closer more detail town map - from MES English

032wrd.doc – other map


Maps - countries

Resource Link

Map outlines of most countries in the world





Masks (face) idea - drama


Mixed pictures - animals and party




017wrd.doc - 22 designs. Use as resource to give students ideas to copy when making their masks.

Link – original website with more masks.


MES English


games / flashcards / worksheets / resources





Vast site with many many good quality resources.

Links to a listening site, games site, certificate and stickers site. All made by the same guy :)



Mingoville – sequencing cartoon stories

Online games

blank colourful funny comic style stories



Give a page to each team and get them to write in the speech bubbles. Then collect all the pages and put in order and read the story !!! J can be very funny……


Minimal pairs - flashcards


Words – 12 per page


5 pages. Simple first sight words. Good for game playing and listening bingo. Choose the correct word / card.

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Minimal pairs – phonics


Book of worksheets + make own





070ad.pdf - 38 pages.

Link- Site with book. ALSO, make your own phonics worksheets


Minimal pairs + others


Bingo cards - advanced



Practice pronunciation of many different words.


Minimal pairs – cat, rat, hat, etc

Song Link

Subtitles- very easy, simple visuals







Good to practice minimal pairs. Introduce tune / format and then cam change the words. Keep adding to the story...


Minimal pairs and common pronunciation errors

Listening Link

Complete lesson with worksheet on each sound



You need QickTime installed on your computer. Clear audio.


Modals – should / shouldn't


Game board - advanced


I was fired... what should I do... you should..... My parents are angry with me... what should I do... You should.... etc


Modal conversation - advanced


Game cards – make a sentence using the modal


Make game cards or use pot-it notes. Write a modal on each card / post-it note. In pairs or teams, each pair / team is given a stack of game cards / post-it notes. They must choose a new card / post-it note each time and then they must continue the conversation making a sentence using the new modal.... They make a conversation taking turns to say a sentence each. It does not need to be serious they can use their imagination to make it more fun, as long as they are using the modals correctly that is the point. You can also provide picture flashcards of verbs / places etc to prompt ideas..

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Money - American coins

Game Link

Identify and grab coins



Add numbers. If you make enough money you can buy something at the end of game.


Money / currency / countries


Pictures of bank notes - colour


Many different countries. Can be used as conversation starters. Describe what is on the bank note. Talk about countries, money exchange, travel... etc..


Monsters – 18 (numbered)


9 per page – no words


Guess which monster... Can be used for colour, body parts, adjectives, etc.... Images are okay quality (not vector)


Months – name and number


Large flashcards – one per page


Wall calendar style. One 'day' is circled on some months.


Months – catchy mid speed

Song Link

Subtitles- easy months part



Good to practice months, but has extra words.

Go to top


Months – ideas for images to represent month


List of suggested images for flashcards





April-umbrella / bunny Easter egg


June-sun / watermelon



September-apple / schoolhouse



December-Christmas tree / Menorah


Movie trailers - iTunes

Video Link

See new English movie trailers :)





Mr. Harry's online chant videos


Many language points- with subtitles



Made for kids but could use any age


Mr. Potato “Tators” poster – fun play on words


Advanced – can be used to start a discussion



Can also be used as a visual in your office at work J


NASA site for kids


lots of resources for all levels



Animation section is good for listening and tech language

The scripts for the animations can be copied and printed. This site has many resources that can be used in many ways.



New Year Resolutions


Discussion / project







013pp.ppt - resolutions images to promote ideas for discussion / writing etc..

014pp.ppt - new year traditions – guess the correct answer (a,b,c,d) fun...

061ad.pdf – resolutions worksheet / new year worksheet.

Link – New Year's party in Scotland – singing Auld Land Syne... proper... haha


News - Breaking News - updated (Intermediate)

Listening Link

Each topic- worksheets / puzzles / online game



To find the mp3 listening file look under LISTEN at near the top left of each page. Also find games etc in this same area of the page. (Website interface is not very clear when you first look at it.) MP3's are reasonable and can be paused etc.


Nordnet database – many excellent activities


database divided in categories – good quality links



I have listed many of the ideas in other areas on this links page. This is a good database . Many good websites and resources.


Numbers – 1 – 20 – Elimination !

Song Link

Classic – Great visuals and tune






Classic Sesame Street. Students can forget to count because they are watching the video..... (v057)


Numbers – 1 – 20 – Raga !

Song Link

Classic – Gentle visuals and tune





Classic Sesame Street. Students can forget to sing because they are watching the video..... (v056)


Numbers – 1 – 20 – Trippy!

Song Link

Classic - Great visuals and tune




Classic Sesame Street. Students can forget to sing because they are watching the video..... (v055)


Numbers – 1 – 10 – Choc cakes!

Song Link

Baker10 - Great visuals and tune



Classic Sesame Street. Students can forget to sing because they are watching the video.....


Numbers – 1 – 12 – Pinball game

Song Link

Great visuals and tune


Classic Sesame Street. Students can forget to sing because they are watching the video.....

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Numbers – 1 – 20 – simplesongs

Song Link

Subtitles - simple visuals and tune


Good for older students.....

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Numbers – 1 – 20 – Honkers!

Song Link

Sesame street – the Count counts!


Be careful the kids will start hitting their noses...

Go to top


Numbers – 1 – 11 – Cool cats

Song Link

Fun counting song – but look out!


Be careful the kids will start pulling up there shirts... haha (v054)

Go to top


Numbers – 1 – 10 – Moose Mouse

Song Link

Fun counting song



With puppet and man.... sweet!

{I have video of same guy counting from 10 – 20 … but I can't find it on youtube now? (v059)}

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Numbers – 1 – 10 – Kid Koala

Song Link

Fun counting song


Australian accent.... sweet! (v053)

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Numbers – 1 -12 – Count the mail !

Song Link

Short movie with counting at the end.



Classic Sesame Street. Students can forget to count at the end because they are watching the video.....Good to settle a class down.. (v058)

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Numbers – 1 -100 !

Song Link

Simple tune and visuals


Might drive you crazy as it's the same all the way to 100..... (v052)

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Numbers – Ants go marching

Song Link

Fast and fun





No subtitles. Lyrics on .doc. (v027)


Numbers - counting - odd / even - prepositions

Game Link

1-100 - can pause - what number comes next – swinging teddy bear!



Basic visuals and a bit annoying- but good to practice counting. Use for addition and preposition practice. Pause then ask - What number is 5 in front / 4 behind etc?


Numbers- counting + plus or minus numbers

Game Link

(-10) to (+10) - put numbers in correct order






One thousand steps

Song Link

Fast and fun - repetitive




No subtitles. No lyrics yet.... (v030).


Occupations – who is it?


Game board - intermediate


From esl - galaxy

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Occupations - 15 pairs

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)



15 pairs. Clear speaking. (singer, cook, pilot, actress, athlete, dentist, nurse, teacher, doctor, office worker, TV star, comedian, policeman, home making) Full screen mode, clear pictures and text, nice design. Make a sentence with the 2 words if they don't match and get one point.... Get 2 points if they match.


Occupations  - 12 pairs

Game Link

Matching Pairs (picture and speaking)






12 pairs. Funny scoring. (teacher, doctor, waiter, chef, police officer, nurse, truck driver, dentist, singer) 3 extra added vocabulary:hospital, school, police station! Scroll a third down the page for game. Need to use 'View'- 'Zoom' in Internet Explorer as pictures are a bit small.


Occupations - intermediate

Song Link

Subtitles- also in Korean, fast








Good to practice occupations and language related to those occupations. (049)


Opposites - adjectives

Song Link

Subtitles– hot, cold, big, small, etc





Simple tune and visuals. (v043)


Ordinal numbers – 1st - 12th


Reveal game – guess


Where is the orange cat?

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ParaPal- many language points - online exercises

Self Study Link

Practice any language point / structure / grammar



Text online exercise. Over 100 language points.


Parents teach English at home (british council)

Self study

how to .. good ideas – for parents to encourage kids



Download the notes in different languages including KOREAN J Great resource with some good ideas.


Parts of speech – noun / verb / adjective


board game say a …. beginning with ……



Can also be expanded and students must make sentences.


Participation system


Use small posti-it notes to 'monitor' students


All students can start with 2 notes each. If they participate negatively then the teacher will take one of the post-it notes. If they participate positively then the teacher will give them a post-it note. Different colours can also be used to add extra credit. Collect the post=it notes from each student as they leave the class. The total can be added together each class by the teacher and used as part of the students overall grade.

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Past tense - games


Intermediate / adv.



073ad.pdf – Irregular verbs. Make a sentence with the verb

074ad.pdf – Make Wh questions + did..... Who did........ What did..... When did......




lots of resources – mixed levels










Animated online games – look at the drop down menu


Vast selection of materials on different websites.


Home page – use the spinner in the middle of the page to find different links


….more games



Personality characteristics game - advanced


Draw and then analyze your doodles




Review new vocabulary and phrases then discuss the results. Is that your personality?

111ad- doodling cubes to draw on

112ad- explanation to analyze- do you agree with results


Peter Weatherall - songs mixed levels


Fast - many language points



Made for kids but they are fast so could use with older ages..


Phonics – common word list


Many vowel sounds - for practice


Listed alphabetically. Simple list.


Phonics- FunFonix - by MES English - simple games

Game Link

Initial sounds / middle vowels / consonant blends





Phonic- Game Goo - funny animations

Game Link

3 levels - nice visuals and good sounds



Categories: Beginner- letter recognition / letter and sound correspondence / alphabet order / fact or fantasy / 3 step directions. Intermediate- letter and sound correspondence / sentence word order. Advanced- synonyms /

antonyms / spelling / poetry concept


Phonics practice - Garfields Island

Game Link

Large game site with many games and links to other sites




1) Go to Garfield’s Island and choose a Match Mystery. Then choose what sound to practice. Memory game. I have not explored all of this site !

2) Home page of this site (look at menu bar along top many other options)


Phonics – links to many games

Game Link

Gives a brief outline for each link



Mixed levels and mixed phonics practice.


Phonics - Sandcastle Spelling - BBC - advanced

Game Link

Listen and choose the correct letter combination





Categories: OW - ow/ou (howl, house) // OY - oy/oi (boy,join) / AR - ar/a/al (star,grass,calm)  // DEEP U - oo/u (foot,put) // AIR -

air/are/ear (lair, spare, tear) // OR - or/ore/oar/war (short, core,roar,ward) // AW - aw/au/augh/al (yawn,august, caught, chalk) // IR - ir/ur/er (stir, nurse, nerve) // EAR - ear/eer/ere (fear, cheer, mere)



Phonics spelling game - Poop deck Pirates

Game Link

Is it a real word or not? - small 3 or 4 letter words





Phonics –ideas / resources / activities

Resource Link

Graded to National Curriculum ‘phases’






1) Notes and activity resources..

2) Helpful notes - for First Language teaching but useful to read when teaching 2nd Language students also….



Phonics videos with 3D tongue !

Video Link

Excellent site - Videos for each sound



Choose American English and then choose a category from the top of the new screen. Letters appear more than once in the different categories. You need to play around with iit for a bit to understand what is happening J


Phonics – red lipstick speaking mouth J

Video Link

Clear American pronunciation





Phrases – 1000 most common phrases

Listening / Self study

Good clear sound –  can choose slow or fast



listed alphabetically


Phrasal Verbs – long list of most common

Resource Link

Alphabetical order – meaning and example sentence



Easy to search


Phrasal verbs – advanced

Resource Link

Supplement resource with example sentences






Places – city and country


Large flashcards – one per page


No words. Mixture of places and images.


Places  / directions – make a town templates to print

Resource Link

10 different houses, 8 stores and a library



Choose one of the buildings and then print the template. Can assign as homework. Cut and fold to make a 3D building. Houses can be changed to other buildings. The finished buildings can be kept and used over and over again to reinforce directions. If you have storage space? :)


Plays – free short plays


Download docs or pdfs






30 (or so) plays for kids


Plays – large list


GREAT resource – also notes on teaching plays



Many different stories for varying number of actors etc…


Plays – skits for drama classes


Skits for different levels






036wrd- 5 billy goats gruff

037wrd- 4 little pigs

038wrd- animal rappers

039wrd- not our kid


Plays- need to pay

Resource Link






not expensive

$25.00 per play????


Plays- ideas for plays

Resource Link






Plays for campfires and stunts

Resource Link






Podcast  (British Council) - elementary / intermediate

Self Study Link

Listen, worksheets, download MP3


Many different archived topics, and current topics.



PodEnglish – videos with actors

Self Study Link

80 different videos / language points



Scroll down the list on right and choose a video



Pod Listening - Better at English - advanced

Self Study Link

Small selection – long audio, native speed, difficult



2 levels. About 20 audio files for each level. Scroll down the page and choose – Intermediate or Upper Intermediate. Many different topics. No scripts and difficult vocabulary. User interface is not very good just play the audio files J


Podcasts database - Shambles


about 30 good quality websites listed



Very good description of each website.


Poetry read aloud - no script - advanced

Listening Link

Interesting way to improve listening





Poetry – writing activities

Resource Link

10 lesson plan ideas



Interesting ideas


Police mug shot sketches - make and print

Resource Link

Some weird looking people emerge! Basic b / w sketch



Many combinations are available for hair, eyebrows, nose, eyes, chin, head shape etc


Police station - project


Worksheets / flashcards / game








033ad.pdf - Beginner - Some flashcards (will need more for this project: handcuffs etc...)

039ad.pdf – Intermediate – some more flashcards and role play worksheets.

052ad.pdf – Advanced – flashcards

053ad.pdf – Advanced – role play game cards.

054ad.pdf – Advanced – role play game worksheet.

055ad.pdf – Advanced – role play advanced dialogues related to 'crime'.

056ad.pdf – Advanced – draw a 'suspect' worksheet.

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Potato Pals Songs


Simple song with cartoon / photos video


Good songs for adding actions to the words:. on a camping trip / at the park / on the farm / at school / at the store / in town  / at home / at the zoo / at the beach / good friends


Powerpoints backgrounds / buttons / funky alphabets

Resource Link

20, 000 - add a bit of colour and interesting visuals



Use sparingly :)


Powerpoints good presentation


Do’s and don’ts when making a powerpoint






Powerpoints free templates - 1000's to choose from

Resource Link

Enhance powerpoints - search theme, keyword or colour



But be careful the visuals don't distract from the language points. Mix and match is a bad idea as it confuses and distracts the viewer too much. Use sparingly as intro or random colourful slide. :)


Powerpoint game templates - make your own games

Resource Link

Add your own language and pictures











Scroll down the page and find templates

original home page of website






022pp- hidden picture (easy)

023pp- hidden picture (difficult)

007imp- hidden picture (edited)

024pp- jeopardy

025pp- taboo

026pp- olympic



Powerpoint template - present your course outline for the term / year

Resource Link

Look professional and organised - can be customised



Can be used to present to : school board, principal , first day or parent's night etc.



Powerpoint templates - school themed templates

Resource Link

Cartoon character and different colour backgrounds





PPPST - huge resource


ready made powerpoints and links to games



100's of topics - listed alphabetically

Unbelievable amount of material. Choose a category. See the powerpoint outline. Scroll down the page and see external links for resources related to that topic. Click on the powerpoint text link to open the powerpoint



Prepositions post-it notes - beginner


Stick the post-its around the classroom – in, on, etc


Write a preposition on each post-it, then stick it somewhere – 'UNDER” the desk. Then direct the students / teams to find the post-it notes 'it's under the desk' . You can assign different colours of post-its to different teams so there is no fighting! The students can also try put the post-it notes somewhere and then they can say the sentence – on the window, in the pencil case etc

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Prepositions - easy

Song Link

In, on, under, in front, behind




With hand actions. Tune will drive crazy!(v032)

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Prepositions post-it notes - beginner


Stick the post-its around the classroom – in, on, etc


Write a preposition on each post-it, then stick it somewhere – 'UNDER” the desk. Then direct the students / teams to find the post-it notes 'it's under the desk' . You can assign different colours of post-its to different teams so there is no fighting! The students can also try put the post-it notes somewhere and then they can say the sentence – on the window, in the pencil case etc

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Preposition unusual views


Draw simple pictures on the board of prepositions


089ad.pdf – some example drawings for this activity.

Draw prepositions from strange angles! Students look at the picture and try to guess what is it ? And where is it?

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Preposition - advanced


Crazy classroom – picture one page


Image with many things happening. Find the prepositions / mistakes..... There is a ruler under the window, there is a mouse on a skateboard etc. From National Geographic. First page is puzzle. Second page is answer.


Prepositions - advanced

Song Link

Ants rock song!




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Game Link

Picture + Choose correct preposition



8 simple, boring pictures. (in front of, between, under, in, behind, on, above, next to)




Game Link

Picture + Choose correct sentence



Pictures are okay- not exciting. (in front of, between, under, in, behind, on, next to) Answers use various vocabulary.

List of answers (jumbled- copy and paste to view):

Bart is in front of the elephant

Bart is between the cup and the ball

The car is in front of the wall

The ball is between the bin and the bag

The hedgehog is under the chair

Bart is next to the fridge

The ruler is in the bin

The food is in the fridge

The dog is behind the bin

The sheep are under the table

Lisa is behind the wall

The pen is on the shelf

The sun is in the sky

Bart is in front of the blackboard

The mouse is between the fox and the owl

The owls are on the wall

The mouse is between the dog and the cat

The glue stick is under the chair

The cat is on the chair

Bart is next to the cow

Bart is behind the cupboard

The books are on the shelf

The dog is under the table

The toys are in the box

The cat is next to the dog




Prepositions - cat and mouse

Game Link

Excellent visuals - interactive



Where is the mouse? In, on, under…… etc


Prepositions / Geography – Over and Over

Song Link

Simple slow song.


Here are the lyrics:. Copy, paste and enlarge.

O-ver and O-ver, we will follow you,
O-ver and O-ver, we will see you through,
We are Celtic supporters, faithful through and through,
And over and over, we will follow you.

If you go to Germany, you will see us there,
France or Spain its all the same,
We'll go any where,
We'll be there to cheer you,
As you travel round,
You can take us anywhere, we won't let you down.


If you go to Lisbon, we'll go once again,
In Zaire you'll find us there calling out your name,
When you need supporting, you will always know,
We'll be right there with you, every where you go.


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Preposition – find the rabbit


Reveal game – where is it?


In on under, above, behind etc


Prepositions + furniture (household)

Game Link

Flash animation + Choose correct sentence



Very exciting! Find the mouse cartoon. Prepositions- inside, beside, in front of, between, under, below, in, behind, on, next to. Answers use various vocabulary - drawer, picture, curtain, sofa, floor, table, bed, ladder, shelf, plate, cat, armchair, chair, lamp. Before you play roll the mouse over the screen to review all the possible answers.


Prepositions - Milly and Billy

Game Link

Choose the correct character to match the preposition





Prepositions / Places / Street names

Game Link

Map + Choose correct empty space



4 simple sentences. Animation sound is a bit annoying! (between, behind, on, next to) Need to use 'View'- 'Zoom' in Internet Explorer as pictures are a bit small.


Prepositions and others- Dr. Seuss - video section

Video Link

Also activities divided into categories or books





The videos use standard language structures (not nonsense :) The other resources are useful just for fun or to compliment the books.

interesting listening game - but langauge is difficult ...



Prepositions / verbs / vehicles / objects / adjectives – give commands

Game Link

Animation level up game – direct the vehicles (Advanced)



Interesting puzzle level game..Split class into teams and show them the screen. Each team writes the required directions. Each level requires different thought process Possible vocabulary could be (drive forward, drive backward, push, stop, reverse, click on, bar, wheel, truck, police car, van, heavy, fast, slow, colours...... etc)


Preposition / present cont.


Flashcards – 2 per page


Words and pictures. The kite is ….....dancing

on the roof, diving under the water .. etc


Present simple – I wanna be like you

Song Link

Subtitles – Disney Jungle Book




With actions and boo – bee – doo – part! Intermediate. (v062)

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Present simple / continuous


Flashcards – sports / 4 per page


No words. Can change between tenses during game.


Present Simple or Present Continuous Verbs

Game Link

Snakes and ladders



Guess the correct answer and the team can roll the dice. The score from the dice can be given to the team. So lots of teams can play this game. If their roll goes up a snake an extra point can be given or minus a point if down a ladder.

(many verbs: get, watching, does, takes, singing, walk, flying, sweeps, comes …..... etc)


Present Continuous Verbs

Game Link

Hangman – online game



You can also guess the full answer. 10 questions (watching, eating, listening to, playing, cooking, doing, taking a, reading, drinking, studying)


Present continuous - cartoon


Watch and discuss


What are the family members doing? Cartoon: grandmother, grandfather, sister, mother, father, baby, family, girl, boy, like, play, chess, blocks, knit, water, make

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Present perf. / past simple


Board game – advanced


When was …... what ….. how long … have you ever …...

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grammar, reading, writing, activities




1) Mixed quality submitted by different teachers.


2) games - about 20



PrintOuts – list of about 200 ‘craft’ websites


Brief description of each website



Mostly craft based materials. But many options… Scroll down the page a find a list of websites. There is 5 pages of lists…… lost of good resources on these sites J


Primary School – lots of good links


about 50 with brief description



Good quality links to good sites.


Project 3rd Edition (Oxford Press) - website

Resource & game Link

6 levels – each has 6 units - each has 6 sections J








1 – Book section. There is no site map so it can be a bit tedious to look through all the sections – but it is standard topics and a variety of interesting resources. The 6 sections in each unit are : Grammar /vocab / listening / pronunciation / test / game

maybe if you email Oxford they will send you an outline of the units?? Maybe J


2 –Game section for these books the games are divided into categories choose a category then roll over a ‘unit’ and a drop down menu will appear-choose a unit..... again it is all just guessing as no site map... but same order as the books.


3- Teachers section is here but you need to join… and i don’t know if it is worth it..... ???


Pronunciation – ch, sh, th, wh

Song Link

Subtitles – intermediate





Simple visuals. Good to practice pronunciation. Could change the words and use the tune to practice other sounds.

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Pronunciation – letters and vowel blends

Game link

Letters are shot out of a canon – choose the letters





Click on the arrow head at the right side next to the X box. The arrow will change the vowel sets.

Choose a random selection of letters and the students need to make an imaginary word.

-choose letters of words you want o review.

Students say the sounds then you click on the sound to see if they were correct…


Pronunciation – over 500,00,000 words

Listening Link

Many words have audios from a selection of different speakers



Search for a word in the box at the top right of the page. Or choose a category from the right column of the page. This site has many other languages if you want to learn other languages click on the languages tab at the top of the page…J


Pronunciation – minimal pairs + extra L / R


24 different lesson covering most common sounds



-Choose a lesson. Listen and choose the correct word. You can do the same page as many times as you want before you move on to the next pair of words J

-Also see links in left column for more L / R/ pronunciation practice.


(There are many more links along top bar of page to other sections on this huge website)


Pronunciation listening


Write the 'key sounds' on post-it notes


Give each student a post-it note with one key sound written on it. Can be played individually / pairs or teams. Say the key sound / or a word with the key sound. The students with that key sound must hold up the post-it note / stand up etc. Keep the sore. The students then pass the post-it notes to the next student every time, so they practice listening for different key sounds and don't get bored!

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Pronunciation – memory game

Game Link

Listen and match the pairs



Game 1: bit bite boot bought but bait bat bet beat boat Burt Bart

Game 2: be me see he she ski tea we tree me fee key

Game 3: win wins wit wits whip whips wick wicks wig wigs wing wings

Game 4: leap, reap, least, list, leave, live, lip, rip, reach, rich, seat, sit

Game 5: deep, dip, field, filled, greed, grid, heel, hill, meal, mill, seek, sick


Pronunciation silent !


Practice mouth movements and tongue position


Write the key sounds / words on post it notes. Give each student a post-it note with one key sound / word written on it. Can be played individually / pairs or teams. They student says the key sound / or word by moving their mouth NO sound. The other students try to guess the sound / word. If the student mouths the sound / word correctly and the other students can understand they get two points, the student who guessed the correct sound / word gets one point. Keep the sore. When finished the students can pass the post-it notes to the next pair / group so they practice different key sounds and don't get bored!

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Pronunciation mistakes - common mistakes

Resource Link

Categories depending on first language





Pronunciation software - very interactive – buy $230.00

Resource Link

Watch the videos, record your voice etc






Questions for teacher


For  large classes - give ONE post-it to each student


Each student can write a question about the class during class time. Assign the last 5 minutes of each class as question time. At the end of the class collect the post-it notes and quickly read them and answer any questions that you feel are relevant. You can also keep the post-it notes as homework and answer anything that you feel is important to the individual student (if the students write their name).

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Quick fire games

Game Link

Common topics - ok quality



Categories: objects= household / basketball= present simple/progressive / sounds= transport / quiz= verbs+do+don't / christmas= prepositions+left+right+put  / food / match= daily routines / fasthands= food / shoot= colours+clothing-kind of violent! / listening=sports- listening file is fast and not good quality



Quiz - Golden Bell - (star quiz) – powerpoint


Use it for any quiz in class – has sound effects



Can be edited and used as review or warm up.


Quiz online – 10 questions on each topic


Head 2 Head – Inter. /Advan - British Council



2 teams but can be used with more teams etc Many topics listed below:



Radio Martha – intermediate /advanced (pbs kids)

Listening / online game

listen for context and choose the correct pictures



Funny cartoon images and good interface. Slang language,


Reading – huge huge huge database


Choose a category then choose a website link



Many different websites with mixed activities and quality. Need to investigate J


Reading – biographies for kids (intermediate)


excellent short stories about famous people



Teach history and English . can copy and past the stories and make worksheets (gap fills etc)


Reading - 100 classic reading books

Resource Link

First language books



List of good books.


Reading skills – advanced / business English

Resource Link

Reading process simple notes, skimming, scanning





1)  Scroll down the page to find short concise notes.

Reading process


2) Skimming/ scanning



Reading - best kids story books – popular opinion

Resource Link

Popular opinion




List of popular books

Some unusual books for kids



Reading - Books with worksheets

Resource Link

30 free books – give your email



Large site but membership required -$90.00 per year. I have not joined so I don’t know if it is worth it... if you join email me and let me know if it is worth the money :)


Reading - keywords


Score out / replace the words


In pairs give a worksheet with a different text on it to different pairs. The students read the text and score out all the 'extra' words and leave only the keywords. The students exchange their text with another pair. Then they read the text with scored out words and try to write/ think what the text originally said. They can then compare it with a copy of the original.

Add-on - Replacing the words can be assigned as homework. Give each pair two compiles of the text. Then together they score out the extra words on the two copies. Then when they exchange they can give one copy to each of the other pair.


Reading  - random questions

Self Study Link

Brainteaser - I Dream of Wierdos Animation (Inter)



Interesting puzzle game. Choose the correct answer. Not serious. Some questions are bizarre! Fun way to practice reading skills.



Reading strategies - a lot of concentration - advanced

Game Link

Read clues and find the answers.



Strategies: Prior Knowledge / Making Connections / Questioning / Visualizing / 

Inferring / Summarizing / Evaluating / 

Synthesizing / Using Strategies Together

Extra resources to download - mp3 songs, and pdfs:



Report card – comments


Save time - copy and paste J



O49wrd- very simple report card comments / ready made more complex report card comments / more one line comments to add variety



Report card – daily report card





098pdf- 4 weeks on one page.

P- participation / B- behaviour / H- homework.

Can be kept in a folder and given at the end of term.


Report card – term report card





O48wrd- two pages one for each teacher (could be merged into one page)


Restaurant dialogue - situation dialogue


Role play – ordering food in a restaurant





Review memorising


Remember the order


Touch 5 things in the classroom. The students must say the 5 things in the correct order.


Show 5 flashcards. The students must say the 5 flashcards in the correct order.


Say 5 key vocabulary. The students must say the 5 key vocabulary in the correct order.


Say 3 key phrases. The students must say the 5 key phrases in the correct order.


Rhino song

Song Link

Fast and many animals





No subtitles. Lyrics on .doc. (v025)

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Riddles - easy/ hard (Intermediate / Advanced)

Activity Link

Read the riddle and guess.. what am !?



Answers are easy vocabulary but riddles are difficult structure!



Role Play - AudioEnglish - (Advanced / Business)

Listening Link

A lot of dialogues with scripts - lots of useful language






After you choose a topic remember to look at the box on the right hand side of on each page page (dialogue or role play). Here you will see a list of more dialogues for that situation. to look at the Use as introduction to role play activities. Make your own worksheets- copy / paste the script and leave key word gaps as a listening exercise.


This is full dialogues:

This is same dialogues as above but listening files have gaps for role play answers:



Role-play - Survival English - BooglesWorld

Resource Link

Different role play scenarios



With worksheets and dialogues (no audio)




Role play – detective game


Who killed Mr. X ?




Find out who killed Mr. X…..

059wrd- role play cards

116ad- background story cards


Role play – situational (spoof) PowPow

Video Link

Very funny videos – making fun of ESL style videos







– Episode 1 –Where’s the museum? (V068)

– Episode 2 – What’s your favourite food? (V069)

– Episode 3 – What would you like to drink? (V070)



Role play- interview for a job

Listening Link

Intermediate / Advanced – with script



Audio and script of a interview conducted for a sales job.



Role play - prompts


Many suggestions for scenarios



042wrd- One line opening suggestion- no dialogue.


Role play scenarios


Excellent ideas for many role play situations



Food and drink, shopping, town, health, transport, family, clothes, work, home, free time.

Edited from English Banana, Talk A Lot Book (www.englishbanana.com

117ad – worksheets with scenario ideas and vocabulary



Role play – traveling /vacation / going away

Resource Link

Lesson plan ideas with links to other websites



Packing, planning, transport, around town, directions, meeting someone… Concise list of ideas.


RongChang- large database


links to many many many other websites



In categories - mixed quality of links...

Look at the categories listed down the left hand side of page- then scan the sections in that category... good luck !



Science lesson plans – different levels

Game Link

Introduce some scientific language



About 50 many ideas listed by level


Scotland - project


Game and worksheets






link 1


link 2


057ad.pdf – 7 pictures to decorate classroom. Scottish traditional dress, flower etc...

058ad.pdf – flashcards. One page

059ad.pdf – matching and word scramble worksheets.

060ad.pdf – Scottish flag colouring page

Link 1 – blog about Scottish weather and other things – written with some Scottish slang – advanced … haha

Link 2 – peom is Mr. and Mrs. Scotland … discussion starter about preserving the past


Sea creatures - colours


10 per page – no words


4 pages. Animals are different colours on each page. Can play point to / bingo game.. etc... - purple, orange, grey, pink, shark, crab, shell, seahorse, fish. Images are okay quality (not vector)


Sesame Street (Classic) - songs / chants etc


Many language points - some subtitles



Made for kids but could use any age



Seasons – easy with actions

Song Link

Genki English – video of kids





Good to practice 4 seasons with 4 simple actions.

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Seasons - intermediate

Song Link

Subtitles- fast



Good to practice seasons and language related to those seasons. (v046)


Seasons - advanced

Song Link

Fast – autumn not fall



Good to practice seasons and language related to those seasons. (v047)

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Sentence keywords – make a sentence


Construct sentences


Make game cards in sets of 3/4 keywords, or write rows of words on the board in sets of 3/4. The students can then change the order of the key words and make a correctly structured and coherent sentence using the 3/4 keywords. They can't mix the keywords from each set of 3/4 words. The students then read the sentences to the class and points can be awarded for the funniest, strangest, most excellent... etc.. sentence.


Sentence patterns


Backward sentences


Write 5/7 sentences backwards (do not mix up the order of the words). In pairs / groups the students look at the sentences and practice saying them in the correct order. Recite the sentences with the students changing the speed and volume a few times. Ask each pair or team to say a sentence either forward or backwards. This helps students sub-consciously to understand sentence structure.


Sentence structure- go4 English - Beat the clock

Game Link

Gap fill different topics - choose correct answer




About 6 questions on each topic. Good as warm up quiz for fun


Sentence structure- joining words / pronouns / etc

Game Link

Fun games- try and guess the missing word


Visually fun for all ages :) Also check out KS2, 3 ...


Sentence structure - unscramble

Activity Link

Make 15 sentences – drag the words



Click for a hint and check answer.



Sentence structure - unscramble to build a word wall

Game Link

5 or 7 words sentences - no time limit





Sequencing blocks – post it notes


Write a word / sentence / conversation / sequence


The teacher can write the post-its in advance or the students can write them in class. Each team / student can make one or 2 or 3.... but remember to keep the post-it notes separate. It can be easier to use different colour post-it pads to stop confusion.

Words- One word with each each written on a different post-it note.

Grammar / Structure- One word group is written on a different colour post-it note - nouns = blue / adjectives = yellow, etc....

Sentences - One sentence with each word written on a different post-it note.

Conversations - One conversation with each sentence written on a different post-it note.

Sequences / Tenses- One sequence with each part of the sequence written on a different post-it note. You can choose a tense that the sequence must be written using – past / present cont. / future / etc

Sequences Drawings - This can be a sequence of drawings (mix the order) and give the drawings to a different team. The new team has to put the drawings in the correct order. Then write the sequence of events.

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Sequencing- Cat and Fish - 'Reading' - funny :

Video Link

Sequencing, matching, comprehension activities




2 different cartoons to watch


Sequencing – Daily Routine

Game Link

Only one sequence of 6 blocks of text



Ok. For a quick warm up / cool down exercise. Students can do individually / pairs or groups.


Sequencing- draw cartoons step by step (Inter)

Activity Link

Introduce concept of sequencing







Students can try to write instructions to draw another cartoon character... not easy :)

another site

step by step videos – can make instructions for each


Sequencing game - watch the videos

Video Link

Describe what the actors did / made



Write / speak step by step instructions for what the actors are doing on the videos.


Sequencing - story starring Blinky Barnes - beginner

Video Link

Put story into correct order





Sequencing - What if…?… ? cool cartoon

Video Link

Watch and then make up your own what if… story





Shape chant lyrics


Make your own tune


A circle. A circle. Can you make a circle? (Make a circle with your hands)
A circle. A circle. Can you make a circle?

A circle. A circle. Can you find a circle? (Make a circle with your hands, and then place your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.)
A circle. A circle. Can you find a circle?
Can you find a circle? Ready...GO! (Everbody hold hands in a circle, and then everyone scatters to find the shape on "GO!")

I know...let's make a diamond. Can you make a diamond? Here we go...
A diamond. A diamond. Can you make a diamond?
(Make a diamond with your hands.)
A diamond. A diamond. Can you make a diamond?

A diamond. A diamond. Can you find a diamond? (Make a diamond with your hands, and then place your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.)
A diamond. A diamond. Can you find a diamond?
Can you find a diamond? Ready...GO!
(Everbody hold hands in a circle, and then everyone scatters to find the shape on "GO!")

Hmm...what's next? How about a square?
A square. A square. Can you make a square?
(Make a square with your hands.)
A square. A square. Can you make a square?

A square. A square. Can you find a square? (Make a square with your hands, and then place your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.)
A square. A square. Can you find a square?
Can you find a square? Ready...GO!
(Everbody hold hands in a circle, and then everyone scatters to find the shape on "GO!")

Alright. It's time for one more. Let's try a heart.
A heart. A heart. Can you make a heart?
(Make a heart with your hands.)
A heart. A heart. Can you make a heart?

A heart. A heart. Can you find a heart? (Make a heart with your hands, and then place your hand above your eyes as if you are searching for something.)
A heart. A heart. Can you find a heart?
Can you find a heart? Ready...GO!
(Everbody hold hands in a circle, and then everyone scatters to find the shape on "GO!")

A circle, a diamond, a square, and a heart. (Make the shapes with your hands or point to the shpaes around the room.)
A circle, a diamond, a square, and a heart.
A circle, a diamond, a square, and a heart....



Shapes - flashcards


How many triangles? … etc


12 pages. One flashcard per page.


Shapes – intermediate

Song Link

Subtitles - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, octagon.. etc






Very simple. (v050)

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Shapes / colours - put in correct order

Game Link

Simple puz